SLC’s Collage Talent Center: Home to Seven Hubs of Creativity

SLC’s Collage Talent Center: Home to Seven Hubs of Creativity

As young ladies and children continue to strengthen the foundations of their lives and careers at schools and universities, it is equally important that pedagogic training is supplemented by activities that help them tap into their creative and artistic potentials.


Inspired by a desire to develop their skills – advanced or undiscovered – the Collage Talent Center at Sharjah Ladies Club has established itself as the perfect place to acquire knowledge and enhance social skills.


It offers seven studios that drive holistic personality development in a free and safe environment – a place to develop hobbies and discover new passions all year round.


Seven state-of-the-art studios are dedicated to the teaching of pottery, yoga, art, fashion, cooking, music and ballet, and build on the Center’s past successes in igniting young imaginations and developing their capacities to think and apply themselves creatively in a variety of situations. All these facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and the training and guidance offered by education and child experts.


Shape your future at the pottery studio

The pottery studio will teach children everything there is to know about the art of pottery making. From selecting the right materials, learning the correct ceramic-forming techniques and perfecting the essential ‘baking’ time, students will master the overall pottery-making process, learning all the essential stages to create their clay masterpiece. By allowing their imaginations to run free, children will develop their artistic skills and unlock their true potential.


Everyone’s an artist at the Noon Arts Corner

In the Noon Arts Corner, youngsters can engage in a variety of activities, including drawing and calligraphy - an ideal place for youngsters to express themselves through the medium of art. Mention that we will be having noon arts award exhibition


Future talented designers in the making at the fashion studio

The fashion studio, meanwhile, offers budding young designers the opportunity to learn the basics of sewing and “cottage fashion" – the art of combining various pieces of fabric to create an innovative design.


Life’s a big party at the yoga studio

In the yoga studio, mothers and their children can learn hip-hop, zumba, aerobics, yoga and various other sports, that will not only encourage them to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, but will also help to boost their personality and promote self-confidence. The studio will also help to instil in youngsters the values of sharing, teamwork, patience and perseverance.


Expectant mothers can also benefit from the studio which offers special sessions for pregnant ladies. Providing a comfortable and quiet environment for pregnant women to relax in, women can take part in a range of motivational activities to promote their health and emotional wellbeing, including yoga. Yoga is proven to alleviate discomfort, promote relaxation, improve blood circulation and reduce back pain. Other activities teach deep breathing exercises to help prepare mothers for birth.


Ingredients for success – the cooking studio

The cooking studio is an innovative workshop where youngsters cook - and their parents - can get a taste for all things culinary. Whether it’s learning to bake simple cupcakes or pasta dishes or mastering a more complex dish, the fully equipped kitchen, including a study hall and studio, has all the ingredients for the perfect cooking lesson.  




Song and movemenet at the music and ballet studios

Boasting a wide range of musical instruments, such as the piano, guitar and Oud, the music studio provides an area where children can perfect the instrument of their choice. Music has long been revered for helping stimulate the brain in youngsters, helping children to learn more and achieve better grades in school. Music also improves listening skills and encourages teamwork and communication with others.


In the ballet studio, children and teenagerscan learn more about ballet techniques from professional instructors. They can learn ballet positions and perform to classical international symphonies, while also improving their overall flexibility, balance and body control.


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