SLC Newsletter | July 2021


SLC Newsletter | July 2021

For your safety and ours, we have considered all the required protective measures to ensure a safe environment. Looking forward to always seeing you!


July Specials

Our special summer July surprises are here! Get the chance to access and pamper yourselfwith our variety of club membership activities and services through the below benefits:

• 1 month for AED 999 instead of AED 1400 and
  3 months for AED 1900 instead of AED 2300.
  Offer valid till 31st July, 2021

• Additional child entrance and complimentary
  month when singing up for the annual
  membership. Offer valid from 15th till 31st
  July, 2021

+9716 506 7773 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021


SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Parental Tips of the Month for Children’s Safety

Children aged 5 years and younger are at risk of poisoning from cleaning products and disinfectants, as swallowing even a tiny amount of these products is harmful.

The following tips will help parents to protect their children from these risks:

1. Read the labels and follow the instructions
    about mixing and ventilation for all cleaners
    and disinfectants.

2. Check the FDA updates about the hand
    sanitizers consumers should not use, know
    the safe one to use; and make sure that the
    hand sanitizer does not contain methanol,
    (methyl alcohol or wood alcohol).

3. Ensure all the hand sanitizers, laundry
    detergents, bleach, and cleaning products are
    out of children's reach; all disinfectants should
    be placed in their original containers and on
    high shelves or in child-proof cabinets
    (with latches or locks).

4. Never transfer these products to a different
    bottle (juice, milk bottles, yogurt, Cerelac
    containers...etc) without a child-resistant lock
    and label, as children and others may mistake
    them and drink or eat the contents.

5. Finally, parents' supervision is the best
    prevention to keep their children safe
    and protected!

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SLC Newsletter | July 2021


Summer Flavor

Our new summer menu at Lafeef Restaurant is your chance to explore delicious ingredient combinations and flavors! Invite your friend over and choose from the below dishes including:

• Cajun Chicken Salad
• Cauliflower Bruschetta
• Grilled Beef Medallion
• De La Maison Crunchy Chicken Burger
• Baked Lemon Blueberry Cheese Cake
• Summer Delight

Visit us with your friends and choose your favorite dishes! For more details about the menu items and prices, visit our website | +971 6 506 7844

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Fun Business Meetings!

We believe that any meeting should include 2 elements, a peaceful scenery and delicious food! Book your next meeting with us and choose from our business lunch menus at Lafeef Restaurant or Collage Café!

Check out the menus on our website

+971 6 506 7844 |
+971 6 506 7731 |

Order on Talabat!

Whether you crave healthy vegan options, delicious sweets or refreshing drinks, we will deliver it all to your door step right away! You can now order your favorite dish from Lafeef Restaurant and Collage Café through Talabat App!

Our favorite dishes for this month: Surf and Turf Burger from Lafeef Restaurant and Saffron Milk Cake from Collage Café.

+971 6 506 7844 |
+971 6 506 7731 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

New Breakfast Delights

We’re always on the lookout for creating new dishes to give you a wider food selection, and this month we are bringing you delightful breakfast additions at Lafeef Restaurant that taste just as good as they look. Check out the below new items:

• Avo Poached Eggs
• Fluffy Egg Mushroom Brioche
• Crusted French Toast
• Avo Egg Brioche
• Croque-Madame

+971 6 506 7844 |

Beat the Heat

Buy 1 and get 1 complimentary drink! Treat your friend to a complimentary drink when buying a refreshing milkshake, mocktail or iced coffee from Collage Café and Lafeef Restaurant!

Daily from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Offer valid from 1st – 31st July, 2021

+971 6 506 7731 |
+971 6 506 7844 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Healthy, Refreshing Flavors

Don’t miss out on trying our summer flavor featuring the special Pineapple and Mint Rainbowl from Collage Café. Order yours as a pre or post workout for a healthy treat!

Pineapple benefits:

• Lowers blood sugar levels
• Improves digestion
• Improves heart health

+971 6 506 7731 |

Flavorful Beach Menu

We came up with the perfect drinks and food selections menu to compliment your stay at the beach! Ask about our beach menu from Collage Café and choose from the below refreshing options such as:

• Watermelon boat
• Smoothie bowls
• Chicken tortilla avocado wrap
• Jalepeno Loaded Fries
• Fresh coconut juice and more!

+971 6 506 7731 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Korean Mini Cakes

Super cute, but more importantly, super fluffy and moist! Our Korean mini cake selection at Collage Café is perfect to compliment your cup of coffee or tea!

Choose from the below flavors:

• Chocolate
• Vanilla
• Vanilla mixed berry
• Red velvet
• Carrot
• Saffron
• Rose

+971 6 506 7844 |

To all Bread Lovers

Soft, fluffy and fresh from the oven! Try Collage Braided Bread at Collage Café and choose from the below delicious flavors:

• Pistachio
• Chocolate Ganache with Pecan nuts
  and Cinnamon Crumble
• Nutella Pistachio
• Cheddar Cheese with Thyme & Chives
• Nutella with Hazelnut and Cinnamon Crumble
• Akkawi Cheese with Olives and Black Seeds
• Zaatar
• Zaatar with Akkawi Cheese
• Toasted Garlic with Fresh Herbs

*Available as pre-baked or “take and bake”
* Please order 5 hours in advance

+971 6 506 7731 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Monday Funday

Make Mondays special with our exciting activities for adults and children!

Check out the below details:

• Kids Activities: Baking, Arts and Crafts
  at @collage_slc
• Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
• Age: 4+ years
• Kid’s meal from Collage Café for AED 25

• Mom’s & Adults activities: Freestyle painting
  at Collage Cafe
• Time: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
• Fees: AED 25
• 15% discount at Collage Café

+971 6 506 7731 |


SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Joy comes in many shapes and forms, but food offers a different type of delight. This month of July is filled with exciting international food days, and we are ready to celebrate them with you. Check out the below:

World Chocolate Day

Let’s face it, chocolate is irresistible by many of us, so let July 7th be your chance to celebrate World Chocolate Day with us! Visit us on that day for chocolate surprises from Collage Café and Lafeef Restaurant including complementary handmade chocolate to all our guests, chocolates and specialty varieties of full and small chocolate cakes available for purchase.

+971 6 506 7731 |
+971 6 506 7844 |

World Pizza Day

Celebrate one of the most loved dishes with our scrumptious pizza selections from Collage Café on 10th July, choose from the below:

• Kale Pesto Pizza
• BBQ Chicken Pizza
• Chicken Tikka Pizza
• Buffalo Margarita Pizza
• Mediterranean Pizza
• Pepperoni and Vegetable Pizza
• Pizza Bianca
• Meatball Pizza
• Pepperoni Pizza
• Margarita Pizza

+971 6 506 7731 |

World Ice Cream Day

Ice cream is a source of delightful refreshment during the summer season! Get a complimentary ice cream in celebration of World Ice Cream Day when purchasing from Collage Tuk Tuk, your ultimate destination for cooling down!

Offer valid from 18th – 24th July
Time: 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Visit us this month to check out our latest flavors!

French Fries Day

French Fries, Chips, Finger Chips, or French-Fried Potatoes are different names fort the same delicious treat which is loved by everyone around the world! Celebrate French Fries Day with us on 13th July by choosing your favorite fries dish from the below:

• French fries topped with cheese sauce
• French fries topped with Cheetos (Flamingo flavor), labneh and cheese sauce
• French fries topped with jalapeno-flavored Cheetos, labneh and cheese sauce
• French fries topped with spicy salsa, jalapenos and cheese sauce
• French fries topped with mushroom sauce, parmesan cheese and spring onions

+971 6 506 7731 |

International Friendship Day

Create more memorable moments with your friends by indulging in a special breakfast deal together at Lafeef Restaurant in celebration of International Friendship Day!

• 2 breakfast dishes + 2 fresh juice = AED 60
• Date: 30th July, 2021
• Time: 8:00am-12:00pm

+971 6 506 7844 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021


Scrumptious Eid Bites

Get your glam on for Eid and leave the food preparations on us! Be fully prepared to serve irresistible platters this upcoming Eid with Eid Al Adha Boxes which include a delectable variety of canapes and sandwiches to satisfy all cravings!

Order now from Kunooz Events and Catering!

To serve you in the best way possible, please order 2 days ahead.

+971 6 506 7789 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021


SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Mother and Daughter Fitness

Be a role model for your daughter by instilling the love of fitness and exercise in your daughter! For the first time at Fitness 180° Center, we present special discounted prices for your daughter on our fitness memberships. If you are a fitness member, your daughter can enjoy the below benefits:

• 1 month - AED 350: Gym usage and
  1 body assessment
• 3 months - AED 900: Gym usage and
  2 body assessments
• 6 months - AED 1500: Gym usage and
  3 body assessments
• 12 months - AED 2800: Gym usage and
   4 body assessments

Sign up your daughter now!
Ages: 14 - 17 years
Offer valid till 31st December, 2021

International Friendship Day

Working out regularly can be tough but can still be achievable by finding an exercise buddy! Get the chance to bring a friend to our gym for free every Friday during July so you can pump up your energy together in celebration of international Friendship Day!

+971 6 506 7868 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021


SLC Newsletter | July 2021

A SunKissed Glow!

Enhance your tanning experience with our recent launch of the luxurious natural mineral sun care product range from SunKiss, exclusive in Sharjah only! Join us for the open day on 1st of July to enjoy the beach vibes along with refreshing drinks, gifts and surprises!

Why choose SunKiss?

• Vegan and cruelty free
• Environment friendly
• UVA and UVB protection
• Reduces carbon footprint
• Proudly made in the UAE
• Sustainably packaged; refillable,
  recyclable and reusable
• Non-nano sunscreen; the safest most
  effective sunblock
• Free from oxybenzone, octinoxate and parabens
• Quick skin absorption
• Suitable for all skin types and tones

Achieve a gorgeous tanned look with the holistic SunKiss range available at our beach:

• SunKiss Coconut
• SunKiss Unscented
• SunKiss GLOW Sun & Body Oil
• SunKiss aftersun Replenishing Gel
• SunKiss Junior

Breakfast with a View

Nourish your soul and body with a complimentary breakfast and drink when purchasing a daily pass ticket to the beach! Refresh your inner spirit and free your soul with the sound of the calming waves while enjoying the below:

• 15% discount on Lafeef Restaurant
  and Collage Café
• Complimentary breakfast +choice of fresh
   juice or hot beverage in Lafeef Restaurant
• Complimentary breakfast +choice of fresh
   juice or hot beverage in Lafeef Restaurant
• Beach access
• Leisure pool access

Date: Every Friday during July
Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Age: 18+ years

+971 6 506 7781 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021


SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Unique Art Pieces

Want to make any room’s wall at your house a little more Colorful? Unique? Special? Well... Our Clock Resin Workshop for teens and adults are the right spot to create unique handmade pieces to add a glamorous touch to your room!

Enroll yourself and your daughters now!

• Teens Clock Resin Workshop
   Date: 13th July, 2021
   Time: 5:00 pm onward
   Fees: AED 350
   Ages: 11+ years

• Adults Clock Resin Workshop
   Date: 27th July, 2021
   Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
   Fees: AED 650
   Ages: 18+ years

+971 6 506 7733 |

Creative Designs

Get to know how to use a craft knife and create intricate, beautiful designs, at our 2D papercut workshop. Explore this incredible art form under the guidance of Collage Talent Center expert tutors, and create your own papercut masterpieces with the best tools and materials.

• Date:
  7th July at 5:30 pm
  17th, July at 2:00 pm
  29th, July at 5:30 pm

• Fees: AED 350
• Target Audience: 12+ years

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Silky, Shiny Hair

If you suffer from rough and damaged hair, then Bio Tanik Extreme Hair treatment at Collage Salon is perfect to repair and add shine without the harms of chemicals! Book now to rock a straight hair look with less frizz and a natural shine.

Target Audience: 18+ years

+971 6 506 7733 |

Glamorous Nails

Treat your nails with a manicure and pedicure session from FEDUA Nail Gel, a young and innovative nail polish brand which is long lasting, free of harmful substances and not tested on animals.

Book now at Collage Salon!

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Fun with Fitness!

If you’re looking to reduce your child’s screen time, Collage Talent Center’s fitness classes will help in adding joyful moments during their day through increasing their energy, keeping them fit and creating new friendships!

Enroll your little one now with instructor Christina.

• Days: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
• Time: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
• Fees: 10 classes – AED 500
• Age: 4 – 16 years

+971 6 506 7733 |

Fly High with Gymnastics

Our little ones can benefit greatly by practicing gymnastics since it offers an excellent opportunity for physical, mental and social development! Gymnastics is an artistic sport that can help your child in many ways including:

• Helps develop coordination
• Improves flexibility
• Helps develop strength
• Improves self-Esteem and confidence
• Provides social interaction with peers
• Teaches goal setting

• Days: Monday and Wednesday
• Time: 4:00 pm
• Fees:
  8 classes / 3 - 4 years / AED 400
  8 classes / 5 - 12 years / AED 600

Enroll your little one in Collage Talent Center’s gymnastics classes now!

+971 6 506 7735 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Must Have Items

Visit us at Collage Retail Store and enjoy the below benefits:

• 25% off on Le Pompoms glasses and
  phone straps
• 20% off on the bamboo hair products which are
  filled with antioxidants, increase hair volume,
  growth and moisture

+971 6 506 7733 |

To all Fashion Design Lovers

Be prepared to welcome upcoming occasions by designing your own outfits! Our fashion classes are your starting point to master the basics of sewing and embroidery techniques, so don’t miss out and join us now!

• Date: All week
• Fees: 6 classes - AED 1000
• Ages: 18+ years

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga can be your optimal self-calming experience during pregnancy. It is considered one of the safest exercises during pregnancy, especially that it does not cause harm to the fetus.

Yoga benefits:

• Improves sleep
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Increases strength, flexibility and endurance
  of muscles needed for childbirth
• Decreases lower back pain, nausea, carpal
  tunnel syndrome symptoms, headaches
  and shortness of breath

Begin your journey now at Collage Talent Center.
Date: Every Saturday
Fees: 6 classes - AED 500

+971 6 506 7733 |


SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Our Mushmis Summer Camp is the ultimate spot for your children to spend their summer vacation! Your little ones will enjoy a variety of activities including but not limited to:

• Arts and Crafts
• Ice Skating
• Sports and Fitness
• Swimming and Water Activities
• Cooking Classes
• Movies
• Competitive Games

Date: 4th July 2021 - 26th August 2021

Girls: 4 – 16 years
Boys: 4 – 8 years

Let your children join the fun! Call now to sign them up:

Sports Complex:
+971 6 506 7740 |

Collage Talent Center:
+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021


SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Well Rested Eyes

Infuse your skin with all the benefits of marine algae. The Essential Eye Treatment relieves puffiness and dehydration around the eye contour area. Experience the power of draining, nourishing and cleansing ingredients for a more rested look.


• Reduces wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness
• Moisturizes and provides firmness and elasticity
• Contours, hydrates and brightens the entire
  eye area

For the best results we recommend the new product from Natura Bisse, Inhibit Retinol Eye Lift Cream.

+9716 506 7880 |

Summer Skin Radiance

Immerse your skin in the antioxidant power of a vitamin C spa treatment. These nutrient-rich sensorial facials and body rituals restore vitality to sun damaged skin and help minimize the signs of premature aging. The perfect choice to recover skin firmness, improve luminosity, fight dark spots and increase elasticity while pampering yourself with a delicate blend of Mediterranean scents.

Book a pampering session and get the below benefits:

• Complimentary 30 minutes face-lifting massage
• Complimentary session when buying a
  3 session package

Offer valid till 31st July, 2021

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Mind and Body Wellness

You deserve some me time every once in a while to encourage your much-needed emotional and mental reset. We know that our body, our skin and our emotions fluctuate with the changing seasons. This summer, focus on well-being and find your inner peace with the holistic treatment from Altearah to rejuvenate the mind and body.


• Calms and rejuvenates the body and mind
• Tones, reduces deep wrinkles and releases
   facial tension
• Helps alleviate reactive and congested skin

+9716 506 7880 |

Book now and pamper yourself at Dalouk Wellness Spa, winner of the “Day Spa of the Year” in the Professional Beauty GCC Awards 2021 for the second year in a row.

The loyalty of our clients and the dedication of our therapists are the secret to our continuous success!

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021


Gorgeous Summer Hair

This month of July is dedicated to reviving your hair with “For the Love of Hair” treatment featuring a full line of Miriam Quevedo restorative hair care products and rejuvenating hair and scalp treatments including Caviar, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Give yourself a royal hair spa treatment that will help restore your hair’s natural beauty, body and shine.


• Formulated with Caviar Oil, rich source
  of omega 3 fatty acids
• Provides anti –aging properties
• Leaves hair youthful, smooth and silky

Price: AED 320 instead of AED 400

Book your pampering session and get:
A complimentary blow-dry, relaxing head, shoulder and hand massage!

+9716 5067 878/879 |

SLC Newsletter | July 2021
SLC Newsletter | July 2021

Organic Hand and Feet Treatment

Beautiful hands and feet are the ultimate symbols of femininity.This certified organic hand and foot treatment by Altearah is a sweet sip for this hot summertime. The refreshing, nourishing and hydrating ingredientswill replenish your skin while your feet get pampered with a foot reflexology to alleviate any source of stress and discomfort leaving your tired legs and feet super light.

Price: AED 300

+9716 5067 878/879 |

All fees are exclusive of VAT
Terms and Conditions Apply
SLC Newsletter | July 2021


SLC Newsletter | July 2021 SLC Newsletter | July 2021 SLC Newsletter | July 2021 SLC Newsletter | July 2021 SLC Newsletter | July 2021

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