SLC Newsletter | February 2022


SLC Newsletter | February 2022

For your safety and ours, we have considered all the required protective measures to ensure a safe environment. Looking forward to always seeing you!

SLC Newsletter | February 2022


February’s Fluffy Pancakes

This month, spoil yourself with some fluffiness as we celebrate National Pancake day.

At Collage café, enjoy a stack of pancakes for the pancake lover in you all through February.

And drop by Lafeef restaurant’s breakfast buffet on February 21st from 8:00 am – 11:30 am to start your day with pancakes to your liking! Choose your favorite stuffing and toppings from our live pancake station.

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SLC Newsletter | February 2022
SLC Newsletter | February 2022

World Pizza Day

They say sharing is caring, we say grab a family pizza and share the fun together. Celebrate World Pizza Day on February 9th and order your favorite pizza from Collage café.

Or if you like to personalize your own pizza, head to Lafeef’s lunch buffet from 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm and treat your pizza like a canvas, choose your favorite toppings to get yourself your own piece of food art.

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World Nutella Day

Life just got sweeter! Visit the Nutella live station in Collage café on February 5th and enjoy a hot drink on us when purchasing Nutella Crepe or French Toast. After all, your Nutella order will need some warm company.

For extra sweetness, pass by Lafeef restaurant’s live station during the breakfast buffet on February 7th from 8:00 am – 11:30 am and upgrade your dessert with some Nutella.

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SLC Newsletter | February 2022
SLC Newsletter | February 2022


SLC Newsletter | February 2022

New Launch Alert at the Sports Complex!

Maximize your fitness with our new Aqua Classes from Cota Fitness, which are guaranteed to upgrade your stamina and fitness!


• Tone and refine the whole body
• Regenerate and detox the body
• Reduce stress and gain endurance

Visit to check our full list of Aqua Classes

Book now!

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Take Time to Just Move!

Move towards your fitness goals and take a look at the below sports activities and offers.

Beach & Leisure Pool:
Unplug with our one month leisure pool and beach usage during the month of February, for 1,000 AED only.

+9716 506 7782 |

Olympic Pool:
Opt for 8 classes and receive 8 complimentary hours for further practice in our leisure pool.

+9716 506 7740 |

Skate like no one’s watching! Come join our ice skating open day on February 4th from 6:00 8:00 PM, and enjoy a complimentary hour of skating.

Mark your calendars on February 9th and February 25th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm for a neon ice skating experience like no other. Join in the fun and enjoy some other complimentary services.

Opt for 8 classes and receive 2 complimentary ice skating classes.

+9716 506 7822 |

February’s weather forecast calls for playing outdoor tennis, rent the court throughout the month of February and receive the racket for a complimentary usage.

+9716 506 7740 |

Kiddy Pool:
A movie night for the family and little ones, with some complimentary services to keep everyone more entertained. Come join us on February 11th and 16th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

+9716 506 7782 |

SLC Newsletter | February 2022
SLC Newsletter | February 2022


SLC Newsletter | February 2022

Providing Exceptional Experiences for Guests

Whether you are looking for a breath-taking and an unforgettable event by the beach terrace, or planning to have an ideal setup for organizing your fashion exhibition for Ramadan and Eid preparations from abayas, dresses, bukhoor and perfumes, let us know and we will be happy to host your events and be part of it.

Book now at +971 6 506 7789 |

SLC Newsletter | February 2022


Soak up the Creativity all Month Long

Experiment with your creativity and engage in our wide educational initiatives and art workshops for ages between 3 – 16 years:

• Artsy Craft
• Art Club
• Freestyle painting and Little Picasso by the beach
• Open studio of masks and pots by the beach
• Macramé workshop
• Drawing and Painting classes
• Hand painted glass bowls workshop
• Mother and child drawing classes
• Speech therapy
• Prenatal yoga
• Cooking classes

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SLC Newsletter | February 2022
SLC Newsletter | February 2022

A Trip of Creativity and Discovering Talent!

Join us on a trip of creativity and discovering talent to Sikka Art & Design Festival on February 23rd. Call to book your spot.

+971 6 506 7733 |

February Special Offers at Collage Talent Center

Don’t miss out on our special offers this month whenever you:

Spend 599 AED or more in any of Collage Talent Center services or programs, you get 2 hours of open studio with materials and one complimentary day in Tiny Talents program.

Buy one music package, you’ll get to practice playing any instrument for 2 complimentary hours without the teacher.

Buy any of the following packages, you get one complimentary class on the same program:

• Fashion designing classes
• Art club activities
• Library membership
• French classes
• Family Consultation with family
  consultant Hamsa Younis

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | February 2022
SLC Newsletter | February 2022


SLC Newsletter | February 2022

milk_shake: Your Hair Cocktail

Enhance and maintain your hair’s natural beauty with milk_shake®, a professional hair care brand made with natural ingredients including milk and yoghurt proteins and fruit extracts.

Join us on February 23rd to try the leave in treatments that cater to all hair types and concerns; leaving your hair incredibly soft with an irresistible fragrance!

Must have milk_shake Products:

• Incredible Milk
• Leave in Conditioner
• Whipped Cream
• Integrity Incredible Oil

Ask your favorite hairstylist for a complimentary consultation and grab yours now!

+971 6 5067 878 |

Galentine Day Event

Thursday night is dedicated for girls to gather round and celebrate their beauty!

Get your besties and join us on February 9th to spend moments filled with fun and beauty services including:

• Glam blow-dry bar station
• Braiding station
• Henna station
• Nail art station
• Product demonstration and trials with Brae brand

Join us!

+971 6 5067 878 |

SLC Newsletter | February 2022
SLC Newsletter | February 2022

Energy in a Bottle

Feeling exhausted or de-motivated? The 100% Organic Color Manicure & Pedicure will replenish your energy as it combines the skincare oils from Altearah’s Royal Purple Energy, which comprises a blend of cedar and lavender, with a touch of sweet orange flowers, to comfort and regenerate oneself when feeling fatigued.

Treatment benefits:

• Boosts energy
• Regenerates cells and regulates sebum
• Addresses dull, devitalized, oily or dry skin
• Addresses back and joint pain
• Enhances blood circulation
• Antifungal and antiseptic properties which help
  against cuts and abrasions

Book your Color Harmonizing Hand & Feet Treatment and bring with you the poultice pack with energizing bath salt right after your treatment!

Price only AED 275!

SLC Newsletter | February 2022


New Valmont Products

From the shores of Lake Geneva to Dalouk Wellness Spa, the newly launched Valmont brand makes an exclusive appearance and combines the pure natural resources of Switzerland and scientific research to create effective, anti-aging skincare formulas.

Why Valmont?

• Anti-ageing
• Restores skin’s density
• Helps in firming and regeneration
• Provides radiance
• Provides instant and lasting results

Choose from a unique range of Valmont treatments and products!

*Valmont is exclusive at Sharjah and Dalouk Wellness Spa

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | February 2022
SLC Newsletter | February 2022

Valmont Open Day

Visit us at Valmont’s Open Day to celebrate beauty brought by the pure natural resources of Switzerland and scientific research to create effective anti-aging skincare formulas.

Date: 2nd Feb
Time: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Don’t miss out on a special Master Class
from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm, spots are limited!

+9716 506 7880 |

Discover the Probiotic World with Esse Skin Care

Revive your skin with the power of organic probiotics with Esse’s vegan products that help reduce inflammation and slow down aging. Book your treatment now to address any skin concern such as acne, dryness, oiliness, pigmentation, skin ageing, and more.

Esse Benefits:

• Younger and healthier looking skin
• Anti-aging
• Certified organic
• Cruelty free

Buy 3 Esse facials and get 1 complimentary facial for 60 minutes

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | February 2022
SLC Newsletter | February 2022
SLC Newsletter | February 2022
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SLC Newsletter | February 2022


SLC Newsletter | February 2022 SLC Newsletter | February 2022 SLC Newsletter | February 2022 SLC Newsletter | February 2022 SLC Newsletter | February 2022

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