SLC Newsletter | December 2021


SLC Newsletter | December 2021

For your safety and ours, we have considered all the required protective measures to ensure a safe environment. Looking forward to always seeing you!


SLC Newsletter | December 2021

A Holistic Leisure Destination

You deserve some time off to relax and regain your focus by chilling at our beach and treating yourself with our luxurious services. Experience that and more with the below club membership offer during December:

Discounts for companies, banks, and institutions on 1 year and 6 months club membership for a minimum of 10 club membership packages

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SLC Newsletter | December 2021


Ginger Bread House

Let’s welcome winter with a special winter home box! Spend quality time with your little ones building and decorating your own unique Ginger Bread House from Collage Café.

Order now for the price of AED 95 only.

Please order 1 day in advance

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SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

A Click Away from your Favorite Dishes

A day at the beach is not complete without the refreshing and satisfying beach dishes and drinks from Collage Café, Skate Café and Lafeef Restaurant! Order now with one click from our sweet and savory options by following the below simple steps:

1. Download SLC App
2. Scan Collage Café, Skate Café
    or Lafeef barcode
3. Order and pay directly through the App

Scan the below barcode to download our App:

SLC Newsletter | December 2021

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The Beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte

Have you tried Collage Café’s latest special pumpkin spice latte? If not, don’t miss out on a rich combination of flavors of the perfect winter drink!

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SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Delicious Ice cream

Creamy, refreshing and delicious.. Order from Collage TukTuk to enjoy gluten free and low sugar ice cream options, and visit us at our beach terrace to discover this month’s flavor!

+971 6 5067 731 |

Your Favorite Food at your Doorstep!

Order whatever you crave to your doorstep through Talabat from Lafeef Restaurant, Skate Café or Collage Café! We also have all the options if you’re following a certain dietary plan including vegan, vegetarian, healthy or dairy free dishes and drinks!

+971 6 506 7731 |
+971 6 506 7844 |
+971 6 506 7824 | Skatecafe

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

A Perfect Bite at the Beach

It is okay to have lazy days, but make sure you make the best out of them relaxing by spending a day at the beach and choosing from Collage Café’s delightful menu! Ask about our beach menu and choose from the below tasty food and drink options such as:

• Watermelon boat
• Smoothie bowls
• Chicken tortilla avocado wrap
• Jalapeno Loaded Fries
• Fresh coconut juice and more!

+971 6 506 7731 |


Pick your favorite flavor of guilt free bowls from the below variety of healthy smoothies!

Options: Roseberry, P.B. Salted Caramel, Mint Choco Chip, Oreo Twist (the guilty bowl)


• High in protein
• Gluten free
• 100% natural ingredients
• Dairy free

+971 6 506 7731 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Lafeef Winter Menu

Discover innovative dishes from our latest winter menu at Lafeef Restaurant to satisfy your taste buds, which support local farms by sourcing fresh seasonal ingredients!

Choose from the below dishes:

• Ash-e-reshteh soup
• Avocado and roasted veggie salad
• Cajun spice curly corn riblet
• Guacamole dips with homemade
   Mexican crackers
• Chicken katsu sando
• Beef stroganoff served with baked
  cheesy cauliflower
• Pumpkin custard with gingersnap crumble

Visit us and order your favorite dish!

+971 6 506 7844 |

Breakfast and Lunch at Lafeef Restaurant

Nothing tops a delicious lunch with a view! Invite your friends for a fulfilling lunch at Lafeef Restaurant’s buffet every Thursday and try our mouthwatering combination of flavors and a wide selection of dishes from different cuisines.

Timing: 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Price: Adults: AED 115 / Children: AED 65

Our Tuesday breakfast buffet is finally back! Visit us between 8:00 am and 11:30 am to get your morning fuel with a tasty selection of your favorite pastries, eggs as you like and more!

+971 6 506 7844 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Lafeef Picnic Box

It’s finally outdoor picnic season! A perfect combination of the winter season is chill weather and a delicious barbeque! Order our barbeque box from Lafeef Restaurant which includes all types of meats, salads, side dishes and more.

*Order yours now 2 days prior to your journey

+971 6 506 7844 |

Heart-warming Winter Drinks

Get a hold of heart-warming drinks that you can share with your friends in this winter weather! We’ve rounded up a delicious winter drinks menu at Skate Café which will be your go to when craving a hot beverage. Skate with us at our ice rink then visit Skate Café to order from the below options:

• HabbaHamra
• Chai Saffron
• Chai Karak Tea
• Arabic Coffee
• Vimto Mojito

+971 6 506 7824 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021


SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Lamma with your Loved Ones

Share pure moments of joy and laughter with your loved ones by booking our special Lammapackage set at our serene beach! We’ll take care of the seating arrangement, theme décor and the delicious food you crave, all you have to do is gather around at the sound of waves, the gorgeous view and chill weather..Book now!

+971 6 506 7789 |

Outdoor Celebrations

Let the beach be your next occasion destination instead of an indoor venue for a change! If you are planning a birthday, graduation party, bridal shower or BBQ dinner, then our outdoor beach terrace is your spot to create memories with your loved ones! Book now and let Kunooz Events and Catering take care of all the preparation details.

+971 6 506 7789 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Luxurious Catering Services

Host your desired occasion from the comfort of your home with the help of Kunooz Events and Catering. We guarantee you luxurious and exquisite catering services that exceed your catering needs to ensure satisfaction for you and your precious guests! Book now.

+971 6 506 7789 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021


Palestinian Stitch

Palestinian stitch is a beautiful art form and an important component in the life of Palestinian women.

Women in Palestine mainly used stitch to decorate their dresses, in addition to a large number of household needs such as bedspreads, pillows, wallets, and others.

Register now in Palestinian stitch during December.

• Date: Starting 11th December, every
  Saturday and Wednesday
• Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
• Ages: 8+ years
• Fees: AED 450

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Unique Home Decor

Do you wish to change your home’s décor to make your space look its best while reflecting your personal sense of style? You can definitely do that by joining our free interior design and home decor workshop to learn all about colors and furnishing coordination.

Date: 11th December
Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

+971 6 506 7733 |

Empowerment Coaching Consultations

It’s okay to feel lost sometimes, but we’ll be here to help guide you throughout the process to achieve happiness, discover the passion in life, get rid of stress and recover from past experiences. Join our private Empowerment Coaching Consultations to get back on track!

Fees: AED 2500 per student

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Polymer Clay Workshop

Make new friends and create memories with likeminded crafty people at our Polymer Clay Workshop where you will learn how to decorate mugs with petite and pretty polymer clay shapes.

Date: Starting December 5th 2021 – Sunday
          and Wednesday
Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Ages: 12+ years
Fees: AED 1900 - 6 classes

+971 6 506 7733 |

Latest Collage Salon Services

Add flair and sparkle to your hair and skin pampering routine with our new Collage Salon Services! The below are suitable for children and adults, so visit us with your daughter for a special Mommy and Me time!

• Hair braiding with extension
• Hair tinsel
• Rainbow Dash Pedicure

Call 06 506 7729 to book

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

A Unique Shopping Spot for all Things Fancy

Collage Retail Store is your perfect spot to buy unique items including artistic tools, menicure, perfumes, toys and more! Visit us in Deecmber to get discounts up to 20% on the below products:

• 15% off for Gift items
• 10% off for Magnesium Products
• 20% off for Shea Gift set & body wash
  (from Shea Global)

+971 6 506 7733 |

For the Love of Portraits

If portraits are your favorite to draw, then our Portrait Masterclasses will pave the way to learn, improve your skills and excel in creating magnificent portrait pieces!

Join us during December!

• Days: Saturday and Tuesday
• Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
• Fees: AED 1000 - 6 sessions
• Ages: 12+ years

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Collage Talent Center Friday Specials

Visit Collage Talent Center on Fridays and get hold of the below benefits:

• Buy 1 week package of Tiny Talent Camp and get
  4 hours complimentary at the afternoon program.
• Buy 1 Sweet Treatment Hair Service, get one
  complimentary Hair Mask
• Get 20% discount on Collage Library membership
• 15% off for open studio
• Get 1 complimentary hour when buying two hours
  of Funday Monday program

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021


December Fitness Benefits

As the countdown to the New Year begins, so does the countdown for your resolutions! If your goal for 2022 is to improve your fitness goals, then the below will get you started, check out the below:

Purchase the Platinum Membership for AED 4265 and get 50 extra complimentary days and 50 group fitness classes. Offer valid till 31st December

+971 6 506 7868 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Outdoor Fitness Area

Take your exercise routine to the next level with Fitness 180° Center’s outdoor functional area! The cool winter breeze, magical scenery of the sandy beach and blue skies will definitely act as a natural pre-workout to provide your body with a natural energy boost!

+971 6 506 7868 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021


Ice Skating Show

Mark your calendars on 9th December to attend with your little ones a fascinating ice skating mini show performed by professional ice skaters gliding elegantly across our ice rink!

Time: 6:00 pm
Fees: Free

+971 6 506 7822 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

A Fun Barbeque Party

Outdoor barbeque season is back! Join us with your loved ones for a special Barbeque Party on 23rd of December to try out a variety of delicious food and drinks while enjoying the cool beach breeze!

Time: 5:00pm - 10:00pm

+971 6 506 7781 |

Winter Dinner Night

It’s officially winter season and our winter dinner nights are back! Spend a cozy evening by the beach starting 1st December and choose from a variety of delicious food items such as Loaded Nachos, Hotdog, Shawarma and more!

Download our SLC APP and scan the barcode during the event to view our menu.

Date: 1st December - 28th February, 2022
Time: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

+971 6 506 7781 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021


SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Liquid Masks Launch from 111SKIN

Looking to achieve immediate skin radiance and replenishment? The recent 111SKIN brand collection launch of transformative liquid masks is key to addressing targeted skincare concerns such as dryness, irritation, redness, premature ageing, wrinkles, pigmentation and more.

Ask about the below mask options at Dalouk Wellness Spa to begin your skin transformation journey of visible long-term results!

• Molecular Hydration
• Nac Y2 Recovery
• Contour Firming
• Microbiome Blemish
• Oxygen Express
• Rose Quartz Exfoliating

+9716 506 7880 |

Signature Serenity Ritual

Give us 90 minutes only to reset and unwind your body after a long, busy day! Our Signature Serenity Ritual uses an organic mix of ingredients including Himalayan salts and the finest of oils to transform stress and tension into relaxation and calmness. Your luxurious journey will be completed with a signature body massage with hot stones to ease away stress and tension.

Book your pampering session now to release pain, hydrate your body, uplift your mood, and relax your tight muscles!

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Dalouk December Specials

Keep your mind and body’s wellbeing in check with the below December specials from Dalouk Wellness Spa:

Friday Specials:

• Book 2 massage or body scrub treatments
  for yourself and your friend for AED 250 each only
• Book DaloukHammam Ritual for AED 250 only
• Special prices on Teen Laser Treatments

Full Month Specials:

• Buy three 111SKIN treatments and get an
  extra complimentary session.
• Get the chance to be a lucky winner by joining
  the raffle draw when purchasing 111SKIN
  products worth AED 1800
• Purchase the kick starter slimming package
  which includes 3 LPG slimming treatment
  sessions and 4 CRYO Cellulite sessions
  for AED 1740 only

Book any service and get a complimentary skin consultation with our professional therapist.

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021


Protein Hair Smoothing Treatment

Get the hair texture you desire with this effective hair protein treatment which smoothens the most rebellious hair, reduces volume, and eliminates frizz. The new formula contains essential ingredients that provide complete restoration, softness and for nutrition. The hair gains a more natural look, intense shine, stays healthy and free of daily aggressions.

Book for a complimentary consultation with your favorite hairstylist and get 25% off.

+9716 5067 878/879 |

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Infinite Hand and Feet Luxury

Discover a pampering and relaxing spa hand and feet treatment, which uses natural ingredients such as honey, brown sugar, Moroccan Rose, and Argan oil that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. This treatment is anti-aging and will leave your skin soft and silky like never before!

Book your pampering session now and get 20% off.

+9716 5067 878/879 |


Sharjah Ladies Club APP

Don’t miss moments of fun and relaxation at Sharjah Ladies Club with our handy app!

The Sharjah Ladies Club app gives you the chance to register in exciting new social events and purchase products from Dalouk Wellness Spa, Orchid Beauty Boutique and Collage Retails Store, which will be delivered them to your doorstep!

Scan the below barcode to download our App:

SLC Newsletter | December 2021

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Winter Wonderland Camp

Enrich your child’s winter break with a variety of entertaining activities that will enhance their mental and physical skills. Sign up your little ones at our Winter Wonderland Camp held by Collage Talent Center and Sports Complex.

Activities include:

• Painting
• Art and Crafts
• Gymnastics
• Volleyball
• Beauty Sessions
• Cooking Classes

And more!

Date: 12th – 30th December
Ages: 3 – 16 years (3 – 8 years for boys)

Call 065067740/734 to inquire and register

Youngpreneurs Fair

Join us in supporting the entrepreneurial projects that our future leaders have established in the YoungPreneur Fair.

Date: 17th - 18th December 2021
Time: 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Venue: Beach Terrace at Sharjah Ladies Club

For more details, call 065067701

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
SLC Newsletter | December 2021

Sharjah Ladies Run 2022

Ready, Set, Glow.. The wait is finally over! The 8th edition of Sharjah Ladies Run is coming soon and we’re calling out all our strong ladies to participate and be inspired to stay FIT for LIFE!

Don’t miss out on valuable cash prizes for winners, participation medals and certificates for completing the run.

• Date: 11th February 2022
• Time: 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
• Distance: Three categories
  (2.5km– 5 km – 10 km)
• Venue: Shaghrafa Park
• Age: 12+ years

Registration doors open on 12th December and you can sign up with our convenient SLC App!

Scan the below barcode to download our App:

SLC Newsletter | December 2021


• Complimentary treatment for 30 minutes for clients aged 50 years on their next visit at
  Dalouk Wellness Spa. Offer valid till 4th December

• 15%family and friends discount for 3 people when booking services on the same day at
  Dalouk Wellness Spa. Offer valid till 4th December

• AED 50 on each access to the Ice Rink, Beach, Leisure pool and Olympic Pool for 2 people.
  Offer valid till 2nd December

• Purchase group fitness classes from Fitness 180° Center for AED 1200 and get 50 extra
  complimentary days. Offer valid from 1st till 4th December

• Order 3 UAE themed mini cakes from Collage Café for AED 75 only. Offer valid on 1st and 2nd December

• Get 25% off on our 1 year or 6 months club membership. Offer valid from 1st till 4th December

SLC Newsletter | December 2021
All fees are exclusive of VAT
Terms and Conditions Apply
SLC Newsletter | December 2021


SLC Newsletter | December 2021 SLC Newsletter | December 2021 SLC Newsletter | December 2021 SLC Newsletter | December 2021 SLC Newsletter | December 2021

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