SLC Newsletter | April 2022


SLC Newsletter | April 2022

For your safety and ours, we have considered all the required protective measures to ensure a safe environment. Looking forward to always seeing you!


SLC Newsletter | April 2022

A Holistic Touristic Experience

We have the perfect package that combines luxury and recreation if you are a tourist! Purchase our Tourist Membership during April and enjoy unlimited usage of the Beach, Pool, Ice rink, and Tennis court in addition to a 20% discount on all facility services.

Fees: AED 150/day and AED 525/Week

+9716 506 7773 |

Become Part of our Family

Our club membership is your pass to experiencing luxury and recreation in a private setting! Don’t miss out on the below April offers:

• Register for 1 year & 6 months and get 1
  additional complimentary month
• Register for 1 Year Amwaj membership and
  get 2 complimentary months
• Register for 6 Months Amwaj membership and
  get 1 additional complimentary month

Offers are valid from 1st till 30th April

+9716 506 7773 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022


SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Unlimited Fitness and Flexibility

Give your body the greatest fitness leap in April and sign up at Fitness 180° Center where you can experience state-of-the-art equipment, a variety of fitness classes and seek the support of professional trainers. Sign up in April and get the below benefits:

• Unlimited Gym Access and Classes during
  Ramadan for AED 700
• Platinum membership (12 months) plus 2
  complimentary months for AED 4265

+971 6 506 7868 |

Ramadan Challenge

Challenge your mental and physical abilities during Ramadan with our Technoshape Ramadan Challenge! Join our Technoshape sessions and burn up to 2000 calories in a week to join the weekly raffle draw and get the chance to win complimentary Group Fitness Classes, Gym Access and Technoshape Sessions.

+971 6 506 7868 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022


SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Greater Energy and Vitality

Stay active during Ramadan with our list of exciting sports activities! Book your spot with your friends and enjoy the below April offers:

• Ice-skating weekend ticket for AED 35 instead
  of AED 60. 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
• 1-month Leisure Pool membership for AED 700
• Leisure Pool Ticket for AED 75 on weekdays
• 5-hour beach access package for AED 350
  per month
• 10 hours Olympic Pool access for AED 375
• Buy 2 hours tennis access and get 2 additional
  complimentary hours

+9716 506 7740 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022


Pottery Making

Would you like to master the art of pottery making? Let us help you in learning and improving your handcraft skills in creating beautiful art pieces at our pottery making classes.

Register in April and get 20% off on the package of 12 classes.

5 – 11 years: 12 lessons – AED 1000
12+ years: 12 lessons – AED 1800

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Creative with Colors

There’s no limit to your child’s artistic creations with our drawing and painting classes held in a cozy, creative environment! Enroll during April and get an additional complimentary class!

• Saturday, 10:00 am – 11:00 am (5-7 years)
• Saturday, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (8 – 11 years)

• 5-7 years (AED 350)
• 8-11 years (AED 600)

+971 6 506 7733 |

Ramadan Creative Program

Help your little ones break free from handheld devices this Ramadan by joining our Ramadan Creative Program - our exciting art program which features different work shops such as drawing and painting, clay modelling, in addition to arts and crafts.

• 4th April, 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm
• 11th April, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
• 11th April, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

• 1 Session: AED 100
• 4 Sessions: AED 320

Ages: 5 – 11 years
Book in advance to guarantee a spot!

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Ramadan Workshops

This month is filled with fun Ramadan-themed workshops for you and your little ones that will help stimulate the imagination and improve mental skills! Check out the below:

• Make your own Ramadan Diary
  (Arabic only) – 2nd April, 7 – 12 years
• Ramadan Heritage Incense Burner
  Workshop – 4th April, 8+ years
• Traditional Clay Décor Workshop - 7th
  April, 11+ years
• Glass Décor Traditional Workshop – 11th
  April, 11+ years
• The Woven Chair (virtual) – 14th April,
  13 – 18 years
• Ramadan Stories (Arabic only) – Starting in
  April, 5 - 9 years old

Call 065067733 for more details about timings, price and age groups

+971 6 506 7733 |

Learn Arabic the Fun Way!

Learning Arabic has become easy with our Arabic language lessons, where we combine education and fun to motivate and encourage children to love the Arabic language in light of the spread of other languages.

Register during April and get a 10% discount on the second child!

Fees: AED 1200 - 6 lessons
Ages: 5+ years

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Learn Chinese

Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages after English, as it is spoken by a fifth of the world's population or more than one billion people. Also, learning Chinese will open up new horizons for you in many fields such as travel, work studies and more.

Enroll in our Chinese language learning classes during April!

Group: AED 1500 - 8 Lesson
Private: AED 2000 - 8 lessons
Ages: 10 + years

+971 6 506 7733 |

Learn the Turkish Language

If you love traveling to Turkey and feel a special connection to the Turkish culture, then this is your chance to learn the Turkish language with our fun face-to-face or online classes!

Enroll now!

Group: AED 1040 - 8 classes
Private: AED 1440 - 8 classes
Ages: 7+ years

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Tiny Talent Program

Enroll your children in a safe and interactive environment provided by our Tiny Talents Program! You can spend a long-awaited me-time or run some errands while your little one spends a great time with us!

Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

1 week - AED 530
1 month - AED 1990

Ages: 3 - 5 years

+971 6 506 7733 |

Look your Best for Less

Maintain your self-care during Ramadan with Collage Salon’s special prices! Visit us during Ramadan to get a beauty deal that caters for your needs. Check out the below offers:

• Pay AED 150 for a Spa Mani-Pedi instead
  of AED 180
• Buy 2 sessions of hair conditioning treatment
  and get 1 complimentary session

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Fashion Classes for the Aspiring Young Ladies

If your creative daughter is interested in studying fashion design in the future, then we’ve got you covered! Enroll your daughters in our Fashion classes during April, which will teach them the basics of fashion and design by developing their confidence while experimenting with design, working on idea generation and focusing on creativity.

Fees: AED 500 - 3 days, 2 hours per day
Ages: 8 – 16 years

+971 6 506 7733 |

Friday and Saturday Specials

Visit Collage Talent Center on Fridays and Saturdays and get hold of the below benefits:

• 20% discount on Library membership
• 15% discount on the Open Studio
• Buy 2 sessions of Hair Conditioning Treatment
  and get 1 complimentary session

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022


SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Ramadan Cakes

Our collection of freshly baked Ramadan cakes is back during the holy month! Share moments of sweetness and a slice of goodness with your loved ones during cozy Ramadan gatherings to satisfy your sweet tooth! Order your favorite flavor from Collage Café.

Cake flavors:

• Rahash Cake
• Rose Cake
• Kunafa Cheesecake and more!

Visit our website to check out the prices and serving size

+971 6 506 7731 |

New Baked Goods

We can agree that baked bread is one of life’s little pleasures, and our new loaves of tastiness will surely deliver the perfect amount of pleasure! Try Collage Café’s new baked bread collection, a perfect side dish for iftar and suhoor.

Choose from the below flavors:

• Focaccia Olives Bread AED 20
• Focaccia Zaatar Bread AED 20
• Focaccia Sundried Tomato Bread AED 20
• Chia Bread AED 25
• Walnut & Raisin Bread AED 25

Order now!

+971 6 506 7731 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Iftar and Suhour with Friends

Meeting up with friends is more fun during Ramadan! Visit us for iftar or suhoor at Collage Cafe and choose your desired dish from our delicious menu items. Begin with a warm soup and appetizers followed by a comfort dish, and end with a collection of Ramadan desserts or juices!

Visit our website to view our full menus

+971 6 506 7731 |

Delicious Ramadan Box

Get ready for Ramadan with our appetizing iftar boxes from Lafeef Restaurant which include an assortment of frozen, delicious items such as:

• Potato Samosa
• Meat Samosa
• Falafel
• Vegetable Spring Rolls
• Lamb Kibbeh
• Chicken Musakhan Rolls
• Spinach Fatayer
• Cheese Fatayer

To serve you in the best way possible, please order 2 days in advance

+971 6 506 7844 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022


SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Ramadan Beauty Packages

Spoil yourself and enhance your skin and hair with our pampering treatments by availing our special beauty packages designed to suit your needs & wants. Book now and choose from the below packages:

1) The Simply Me Package AED 450 instead
    of AED 600
    • Spa manicure
    • Spa pedicure
    • Organic hair ritual
    • Blow-dry

2) The Pamper Me Package AED 565 instead
    of AED 715
    • Roots touch up
    • Scalp and hair detox treatment
    • Manicure
    • Pedicure
    • Blow-dry

3) The Ramadan Pair Package AED 630 instead
    of AED 830
    • 2 Manicure and pedicure treatments
    • 2 Conditioning treatment
    • 2 Blow-dry

Packages valid from 1st till 20th April

+9716 5067 878/879 |

Majestic Oud Hand and Feet Softness

Your skin will feel and look better than ever! This anti-aging hand and feet experience provides complete nail and cuticle maintenance, exfoliating scrub and a relaxing amber caress leaving your skin velvety and smooth.

Book now for only AED 199 for one person! Bring your friend with you and 2 treatments for only AED 340!

Valid from 1st till 20th April

+9716 5067 878/879 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022


SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Ramadan Skin Radiance

Intensify your skin’s glow during the holy month by following the below beauty tips:

• Drink at least 8 water glasses between
  iftar and suhoor.
• Eat foods that are rich in fiber and antioxidants,
  such as berries, almonds, dark chocolate
  and pomegranates.
• Moisturize your skin after your daily
  skincare routine
• Apply sun block during the day that is at
  least SPF 30, and reapply if you are outdoors
  for more than 3 hours.
• Use a facemask once or twice a week. Also,
  make sure to exfoliate regularly; depending
  on your skin type.
• Use skin supplements that contain vitamins
  and antioxidants to enhance its wellbeing

+9716 506 7880 |

One Product for Both Day and Night

Diamond Extreme Serum from Natura Bisse is the new go-to for achieving an extreme glow. Treat your skin both day and night to experience the benefits of giving what your skin needs, when it needs it. This serum is perfect for anyone looking for a truly effective anti-aging skincare product, regardless of gender, age or skin type.


• Reduces lines and wrinkles
• Tightens the skin
• Increases skin glow and radiance
• Provides hydration and a velvety complexion
• Provides probiotic and antioxidant benefits

Get the serum from Dalouk Wellness Spa and order your desired skincare product through SLC App.

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Slim Attack Package

Slim down and target specific body areas resistant to diet and exercise with a combination of best slimming and contouring treatments including LPG Endermologie Lipomassage, CRYO Air Therapy, Cupping Massage, Thalassotherapy Underwater Massage, Scrub and Wrap Treatment.

These treatments provide visible results with no side effects and offers the below benefits:

• Smoothens cellulite
• Improves orange peels appearance
• Helps increase metabolism
• Stimulates general detoxification,
  reduces water retention
• Reduces water retention in legs while stimulating
  collagen production to tone the skin

+9716 506 7880 |

Rescue Cooling Scrub and Wrap

Detoxify your body, eliminate toxins and renew the skin’s elasticity with this cooling treatment that uses CRYO Mint Rasoul Mask and Honey Body Scrub to help boost circulation and energy level, treat water retention, soften and nourish the skin.

Book your cooling session today!

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2022
SLC Newsletter | April 2022

Lay Back and Relax

Celebrate with us the below international days during April and get the below benefits:

• World Health Day: Complimentary 15 min
  wellbeing massage with all Altearah body
  treatments, valid only on 7th April
• Stress Awareness Day: Complimentary 30 min
  de-stress massage with all body scrub treatments,
  valid only on 16th April
• Earth Day: Complimentary Face Massage with
  The Altearah Royal Purple body massage. Valid
  on April 22nd and 23rd April

+9716 506 7880 |

All fees are exclusive of VAT
Terms and Conditions Apply
SLC Newsletter | April 2022


SLC Newsletter | April 2022 SLC Newsletter | April 2022 SLC Newsletter | April 2022 SLC Newsletter | April 2022 SLC Newsletter | April 2022

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