SLC Newsletter | April 2021


SLC Newsletter | April 2021

For your safety and ours, we have considered all the required protective measures to ensure a safe environment. Looking forward to always seeing you!


SLC Newsletter | April 2021

Ramadan Specials

We have a special something for you during Ramadan! Get the chance to access and experience our variety of club membership activities and services with our below offer:

Complimentary additional month when signing up for our 1 year, 6 months and 3 months club membership

Offer valid from: 1st April, 2021 – 30th April, 2021

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SLC Newsletter | April 2021


Ramadan Creative Program

Encourage your child to reduce their screen time by enrolling them in Ramadan Creative - our diverse art program which features drawing and painting using acrylics and pastels, clay modelling, in addition to arts and crafts.

• Fees:
  1 Session: AED 120
  6 Sessions: AED 550

• Ages: 5 – 11 years
  Sign up and get 10% off on the second sibling!

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

Creative with Colors

Get a 20% off during April on our drawing and painting classes which provide a cozy environment with no limit to your or your child’ artistic creations! Reach out to your artsy buddy and join us this April for a colorful experience.

• Saturday, 10:00 – 11:00 am (5-7 years)
• Saturday, 11:00 - 1:00pm (8 – 11 years)
• Thursday, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm (12+ years)

• 5-7 years (AED 350)
• 8-11 years (AED 600)
• 12+ years (AED 650)

Get 20% off when signing up during April!

+971 6 506 7733 |

Unique Art Form

Arabic calligraphy is one of the most fluid and unique art forms. Let’s learn it together so you can add more to your skill list!

• Children: 6 classes – AED 450
• Adults: 6 Classes – AED 650
• Private: 6 Classes – AED 1000

• 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm (5 – 11 years)
• 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (12+ years)

+971 6 506 7735 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

Fashion Classes

Discover your inner creativity and talent in the world of fashion with our Fashion Classes held by Fashion designer Zahra Salmeh to learn how to draw, design, and create glamorous clothing and accessory styles!

• Date: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday starting April
• Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am
• Fees: AED 1500
• Ages: 15+ years

+971 6 506 7733 |

A Powerful Mind

Enhance your child’s mental development and capability with UCMAS, the globally recognized and scientifically proven, Mental Math program which applies innovative techniques developed by specialists including child development experts and psychologists.

Enroll your child now and get a complimentary first class!

• Time: Saturdays, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
• Fees: AED 1650
• Ages: 5+ years

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

New at Collage Retail Store

Add more to your daily glamour with our lovely collection of gold plated bracelets available at Collage Retail Store with a 30% discount! Get yours now or wrap it as a gift for your friend!

Achieve glamorous and healthy hair with Collage Retail Store bamboo hair products which include antioxidants, increase volume, hair growth and moisture. Get 30% off during the month of April on the shampoo, conditioner and hair cream!

+971 6 506 7733 |

Perfume Passion

Looking for an instant mood lifting activity? Our perfume crafting workshop is the perfectly engaging multisensory experience which will help you learn the basics of crafting and mixing your own, unique fragrances!

• Date: Month of April
• Ages: 8 - 18 years

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

For the Love of Cooking

Explore your cooking skills with our Ramadan Cook Along program and learn how to prepare a variety of flavor rich dishes and light snacks every Saturday and Wednesday during Ramadan!

• Time: 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
• Ages: 16+ years

• 1 class: AED 250
• 4 classes: AED 850

+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021


Catering at its Finest

We got you covered for Ramadan’s family iftar and suhoor! Savor the flavors of iftar with our buffet home delivery service which includes a delightful range of appetizers, main courses and desserts or by tasting our impeccable assortment of the finest canapes and sandwiches from our latest Kunooz suhoor boxes!

Order now from Kunooz Events and Catering!

+971 6 506 7789 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021


SLC Newsletter | April 2021

Your Health Matters to us!

Reset your health with Collage Talent Center’s special online wellbeing seminar presented by Dr. Naz which will discuss various ways of promoting your health and that of your family.

• Date: 7th April, 2021
• Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

+971 6 506 7733 |

Health in Ramadan

Start the holy month on a right note by learning about healthy eating habits to follow during Ramadan by tuning in to the live lecture presented by the famous Nutritionist Lama Alnaeli.

• Date: 11th, April 11th
• Date: 7:00 pm
• Where: Fitness 180° Center Instagram
  account @fitness180_slc

+971 6 506 7868 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021


SLC Newsletter | April 2021

Sweet Dreams!

Parents, are you in the stage of preparing your child for sleeping in their own bed? Let us help you with some tips! Once children enter toddlerhood (1 to 3 years), rules and guidelines for safe sleeping start to change and differ from the ones you had to follow when they were babies.

Following are the most important points to consider and help ensure that your toddler stays safe while sleeping:

• By the time your child is a toddler, transitioning
  to a toddler bed with a side rail is very important
  for their safety, comfort and development.

• Ensure their beds are away from any objects
  with ties or strings, like window blind pulls,
  curtains, or electrical cords.

• Let your toddlers sleep in whatever position
  comfortable for them whether it is on their
  back, stomach or side.

• At the age of 18 months, toddlers can start
  sleeping with a pillow and a blanket, however,
  it is always better to keep big stuffed toys out
  of their beds to avoid suffocation hazards.

• Waking up at night is very normal and common
  for toddlers, and is commonly a result of teething,
  illness, fears, nightmare, or separation
  anxiety; hence parents are requested to use
  few smart strategies paired with a bedtime
  routine to reduce waking up at night
  such as: A warm bath, storytelling, hugs,
  avoiding scary TV shows or books,
  and limiting screen time.

Additional safety tips will be shared on our main Instagram account @shjladiesclub to ensure the best for you and your child

+971 6 506 7717 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021


More Fitness, Lower Prices

As always, we are back with another month of attractive fitness offers! Check out the below:

• 2 weeks gym usage for AED 250, offer valid
  from 1st till 15th April
• Platinum membership for AED 3500 instead
  of AED 4265, offer valid from 1st of Ramadan

+971 6 506 7868 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

Unwind your Body and Mind

Connect your mind and body with the surrounding environment at our relaxing yoga session organized by Fitness 180° Center in celebration of Earth Day!

Yoga benefits:
• Improves strength
• Improves balance and flexibility
• Eases back pain
• Helps relax and promote better sleep
• Helps manage stress

• Date: 22nd April, 2021
• Time: 6:00 pm
• Fees: AED 55
• Instructor: Aksana

+971 6 506 7868 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021


Irresistible Ramadan Sweets

Is your list of Ramadan sweets ready yet? Expand your options with our delectable selection of freshly baked Ramadan cakes and sweets to satisfy your post iftar sweet tooth or to create a lovely gift to your loved ones. Order now from Collage Café!

Sweets include:
• Rahash Cake
• Baklava Red Velvet Cake
• Qatayef
• Rose Cake
• Kunafa Cheesecake and more!

Visit our website to check out the prices and serving size

+971 6 506 7731 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

New Ramadan Flavors!

We have added new Ramadan themed signature flavors to our soft and fresh array of Collage braided bread including Rose and Saffron flavors! Share your bread cravings with your loved ones and choose from the below options. Don’t forget to try the latest flavors!

• Pistachio
• Chocolate Ganache with Pecan
  nuts and Cinnamon Crumble
• Nutella Pistachio
• Cheddar Cheese with Thyme & Chives
• Nutella with Hazelnut and Cinnamon Crumble
• Akkawi Cheese with Olives and Black Seeds
• Zaatar
• Zaatar with Akkawi Cheese
• Toasted Garlic with Fresh Herbs

*Available as pre-baked or “take and bake”
* Please order 5 hours in advance

+971 6 506 7731 |

Fresh, Flavorful Mocktails

Satisfy your thirst after a long day of fasting with our new signature Ramadan mocktails from Collage Café and Lafeef Restaurant!

Choose from the below:
• Espresso Dates Smoothie
• Oriental Milkshake
• Hibiscus Iced Tea
• Rose Falooda
• Rose Pink Lemonade

Visit our website to view the full list of mocktail ingredients

+971 6 506 7731 |
+971 6 506 7844 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

An Appetizing Ramadan Box

Be fully prepared for the holy month by serving a delicious assortment of food from Lafeef Ramadan box which includes the following items:
• Frozen items such as samosa, spring
  rolls and kibbeh
• Mezza and salads such as vine leaves,
  mutabbal and fatoush

To serve you in the best way possible, please order 2 days ahead

+971 6 506 7844 |

Ramadan Home Cookies

Let’s welcome the holy month together with Ramadan’s Home Box. Order the perfect gift for your children from Collage Café and spend a fun time together adding Ramadan themed decorations to delicious cookies!

Fees: AED 60
To get the box within the desired time, please order 1 day in advance

+971 6 506 7731 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

You Deserve a Break from Cooking

Sometimes you need a break from the hustle of preparing breakfast during Ramadan! Our Lafeef Ramadan À la carte and set menus include countless savory or sweet items that you desire such as creamy Mushroom Soup, zesty Tabbouleh, rich Chicken Penne Alfredo and hearty Um Ali for dessert!

Visit our website to view our full menus

+971 6 506 7844 |

Monday Funday

Make Mondays special with our exciting activities for adults and children!

Check out the below details:

• Kids Activities: Baking, Arts and Crafts at
  Collage Talent Center
• Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
• Age: 4+ years
• Kid’s meal from Collage Café for AED 25

• Mom’s & Adults activities: Freestyle painting
  at Collage Cafe
• Time: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
• Fees: AED 25
• 15% discount at Collage Café

+971 6 506 7731 |
+971 6 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

A Flavor like no other

Cookie dough is such a classic favorite loved by children and adults! Order Collage Tuk Tuk’s latest Edible Cookie Dough bowl, served with creamy, delicious ice cream!

+971 6 506 7731 |

Enjoyable Business Meetings!

Business meetings can most certainly be pleasant and relaxing, especially when scrumptious food and a magical beach scenery are involved! Book your next meeting at Collage Café or Lafeef Restaurant and choose from our business lunch menus.

Check out the menus on our website

+971 6 506 7844 |
+971 6 506 7731 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021


SLC Newsletter | April 2021

Endless fun awaits your children at our Spring Adventures Camp which combines fun and learning through a variety of activities including:
• Arts and crafts
• Ice skating
• Beach activities
• Water sports
• Scientific activities and much more!

• Date: 28th March – 8th April
• ‏Ages:
             ‏Girls: 4 – 16 years
‏             Boys: 4 – 8 years

For more information and to view our Camp Brochure, please visit our website ‏To register, please contact us on:

‏Sports Complex:
+9716 506 7740 |

‏Collage Talent Center:
+9716 506 7733 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021


Skin you Desire

Are you suffering from dull, dry and wrinkled skin? Look no further for the perfect treatment! Try our Inhibit Face Lift, a holistic skin experience which will provide exceptional benefits such as:

• Adds glow
• Provides instant tightening and lifting
• Provides hydration
• Corrects expression lines
• Softens skin texture and renews complexion

Book your pampering session now and get:

• A complimentary 15 minute V-Neck treatment
• Natura Bisse inhibit patches when booking
  your inhibit package

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

No More Achy Leg Muscles!

Need a quick fix treatment for tired, achy legs and cellulite issues? Cryo Cellulite Treatment is here to the rescue during the month of April as it helps to soothe achy leg muscles while contouring the silhouette. It also stimulates microcirculation and the lymphatic system to smoothen, even, tighten the skin and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Book your pampering session now and get a complimentary:

• CRYO face treatment for 15 minutes
• Additional session when buying 4 sessions

+9716 506 7880 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021


Silky and Revived

Purify, add volume and revive your locks with our Chronologiste Caviar VIP Ritual which works as a miraculous elixir to achieve ultimate hair indulgence. This treatment features the signature mimetic caviar pearls that are mixed into the mask moments before applying. The scalp is regenerated and soothed, hair feels toned, strengthened, silky and repaired.

Book your hair pampering treatment now!

+9716 5067 878/879 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

Softer than Ever

A rough day calls for a soothing hand and feet experience! Try our Ceremonial Hand & feet Luxury treatment which cleanses skin from impurities and toxins while hydrating and nourishing using it. Your skin will look radiant as we end the experience with a classic manicure and pedicure service.

+9716 5067 878/879 |

14 Years of Glamour

You’re the reason behind our glow year after year! We still can’t grasp the thought of being around for 14 years! Celebrate Orchid Beauty Boutique’s 14th year anniversary and enjoy the following:

• 14% off on all services and products
• Raffle draw
• Complimentary services and valuable gifts

Date: April 8th, 2021
Date: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

+9716 5067 878/879 |

SLC Newsletter | April 2021
SLC Newsletter | April 2021

Renewed and Refreshed!

Relax, rebalance and rejuvenate your skin with the natural collagen face masks from KNESKO! Since collagen is known for its effective natural skin care ingredients, KNESKO products unlocks the special healing qualities of this naturally-occurring protein in the collagen face masks, each designed to address fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, dryness, uneven tone, and other areas of concern.

Get a complimentary lip scrub treatment upon booking!

+9716 5067 878/879 |

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Terms and Conditions Apply
SLC Newsletter | April 2021


SLC Newsletter | April 2021 SLC Newsletter | April 2021 SLC Newsletter | April 2021 SLC Newsletter | April 2021 SLC Newsletter | April 2021

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