Sharjah Ladies Club holds its annual Ballet Show


Sharjah Ladies Club holds its annual Ballet Show

Collage Talent Center at Sharjah Ladies Club has held its annual ballet at Kunooz Catering and Events ballroom in the club. The event was attended by a number of guests and the talents’ parents.


The show aimed to celebrate talent and encourage physical fitness in its participants, nurturing their skills and giving them a platform on which to express themselves creatively.


Head of Facilities Operations at Sharjah Ladies Club, Ala Al Shanasi, said: “Sharjah Ladies Club works determinedly to empower young girls and women in various fields, which is in line with the club's vision and mission. The annual ballet event has always been a success and continues to be a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talents.”


This show is a fantastic way for parents to see results of the continuous work and training that the girls have been engaged in throughout the year and celebrate their hard work.


Collage Talent Center is an ideal venue for women and children to enhance their skills and develop their various creative talents, as it hosts numerous workshops that include pottery, painting, music lessons, and language learning, in addition to ballet. There are also cookery classes, fitness classes for children, pre-natal yoga classes for women, as well as stocked library for personal development. The most recent addition to the centre this year, is the Ariel Yoga.


Collage Talent Center also hosts regular group sessions for younger members, including the Tiny Talent program, which encourages children to learn through play and gain basic life skills. Among the many events and workshops, they organize are the yearly seasonal camps, with a recent camp for young adults proving a great success and helping young members develop new-found skills through fun and educational group activities.


An annual ballet show has been held every year since 2001, celebrating the students’ achievements and awarding them with their diplomas from the UK’s Royal Ballet Academy. Last February, the centre has also added adult ballet program to its schedule and has gone on to achieve an impressive 100% pass rate from the Royal Ballet Academy.

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