Sharjah Ladies Club enhances its employees’ qualifications with more than 20 training programs


Sharjah Ladies Club enhances its employees’ qualifications with more than 20 training programs

Sharjah Ladies Club is pleased to announce that it has successfully rolled out more than 20 training programs aimed at boosting its employees’ training qualifications. As part of the Club’s strategic vision for the future, these courses covered various fields and specializations in order to empower female staff across its multiple facilities, equipping them with new skills.


Aisha Bahyan, the Club’s Director of Human Resources, said these training programs were part of the Club’s vision which fully supports its employees. “The courses are designed to foster continuous learning, refine skills and enhance the capabilities of our staff,” she said, adding that this would “enable them to meet the changing needs of the Club and its clients, at the same time as receiving reliable, high-quality training.”


Internal training programs were designed to tackle specific departmental needs, such as sales and customer service, while external training was delivered by specialist companies. Sharjah Ladies Club gives deep consideration to which external partners they worked with, to ensure their courses would contribute significantly to the skillset of its staff.


Mrs. Bahyan went on to state: “The Club has an ongoing commitment to organizing training courses that further develop the careers of our female staff. We want them to feel empowered and excel in their roles.”


Among the many training programs delivered were the courses run by Orchid Beauty Boutique, which included modern hair dyeing techniques, photography, videography, marketing, and sales skills. The training included the use of cutting-edge technology, including the Sharjah Ladies Club’s mobile app.


Moreover, The Club collaborated with renowned international brands such as L’Oréal, I Luscious and Priya to ensure staff received the very best training.


Dalouk Wellness Spa training included services with international brands, such as, Valmont, Altearah and Image Skincare, all of whom contributed significantly to the upskilling of staff. All Team members were all involved in the program, which will enable them to deliver the very latest techniques and treatments. This investment in skills-centred training is expected to increase customer satisfaction and improve performance levels within the Club.


Sharjah Ladies Club has said it remains committed to empowering its employees through ongoing training programs, helping them achieve long-term personal success and growth. The Club’s continued investment in employee development also underscores its determination to deliver exceptional customer service and enhance the experiences of its esteemed clientele.