Sharjah Ladies Club and Branches encourage talented children through Spring Adventures Camps


Sharjah Ladies Club and Branches encourage talented children through Spring Adventures Camps

Sharjah Ladies Club is pleased to announce that it will be holding ‘Spring Adventures Camp’ between March 27th and April 7th, from 9am until 1pm. for girls aged 4 to16 and boys from 4 to 8, these fun-filled camp sessions will be hosted in the main club and its branches in the Eastern and Central Regions of the Emirates of Sharjah.  

The Spring Adventures Camp aims to keep kids stimulated throughout the spring break, with a range of creative workshops, sports, games and various other activities that combine fun and education. Children will be given the chance to make new friends, improve their teamwork and boost their social skills, whilst enjoying arts and crafts, pottery, cooking, movies and beauty classes, as well as challenging treasure hunts, swimming, tennis, ice skating, yoga, Pilates, volleyball and rowing.


Director of Business Management Alya Al Harmoudi said: “Sharjah Ladies Club regularly hosts such programs for children and young ladies, aiming to foster an environment which encourages them to keep active and healthy. We want to give them both confidence and self-discipline, to help them become a generation that is able to give back to their community and be creative, without the distraction of screens and mobile phones.”


“The Spring Adventures Camp is the culmination of much hard work and collaboration between all the Club’s branches. We work tirelessly to provide high-quality, innovative services that are in line with our vision and mission to empower women.”


“Our programs consist of various fun and entertaining activities that are designed for kids and young adults, giving them an opportunity to enjoy new experiences. They’re the perfect way to fill your children’s time, and we encourage all parents to sign their kids up today.”


Sharjah Ladies Club’s camps aim to provide children and young women with a sense of adventure, with challenges to help them grow physically and emotionally while having fun and learning new skills. Haleema Al Owais, the Club’s director at their Alhamriya branch, said: “The Adventures Spring Camp is the perfect blend of fun and education, filling children’s time with productive activities to find out what interests them.


“The camp events are the ideal environment for kids to welcome the new start of the spring season, enjoying our first-rate services and the activities by highly qualified coaches.”


For more information, parents should visit Sharjah Ladies Club’s main website at, or the branch websites at 


Since it was established in 1982, Sharjah Ladies Club has been providing women and children with quality facilities, entertainment and educational activities such as this. One of the most unique and exclusive venues in the UAE, the Club is also known for hosting charity fundraisers, talks, bazaars, exhibitions, marathons and conferences, among other community events.


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