Dalouk Wellness Spa wins "Day Spa of the year" Award and Celebrates 17th years of Beauty and Relaxation


Dalouk Wellness Spa wins "Day Spa of the year" Award and Celebrates 17th years of Beauty and Relaxation

For the second year in a row, Dalouk Wellness Spa at Sharjah Ladies Club wins the “Day Spa of the Year” Award as the best luxury spa for the year 2021, as part of the international “Professional Beauty Awards GCC 2021”.


This Award-winning event coincides with the Club's celebration of the 17th anniversary of Dalouk Wellness Spa, which reflects the Club's endeavours to provide a distinct and unique destination for women, with fully integrated high-quality services, privacy, safety and luxury.


Since the founding of Dalouk Wellness Spa, the Club has been keen to provide products that bring an added value and achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and happiness to its customers, as it was also concerned with the continuous improvement of its services. These efforts were reflected through the Resort’s winning of many local and international awards, most notably the title of Best Spa for the year 2020 as part of the Professional Beauty GCC Awards, and the title of “Luxury Spa and Wellness Centre of the UAE” as part of the Middle East Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015. In recent years, the Spa won the title of the Best in the Region for the advancement of its techniques and their distinction in hydrotherapy “Thalassotherapy”.


In continuation of the development efforts, the club was able to achieve excellence on the regional level with Dalouk Wellness Spa, guaranteeing a safe and super private environment for women, and offering the most luxurious sessions and treatments with organic and luxury products, which established a new concept in care, beauty and health, with high-quality equipment and technologies, and well-trained highly professional staff.


Alya Al Harmoudi, Director of Business Management, stated that the Sharjah Ladies Club is keen to keep abreast of all new developments related to the health and well-being of women and is concerned with meeting their own needs and aspirations towards relaxation and mental clarity.


She added: The outstanding professionalism that is evident in everything that Dalouk Spa offers for women is the fruit of efforts through flawless teamwork of an integrated staff that relies on specialised personnel. Further, we work in the Club to promote sustainability of training according to the highest international quality standards followed by the Spa, as our services are characterised by high-end equipment and amenities that create a warm atmosphere for the clients.


She confirmed the full commitment of Dalouk and all the Club’s facilities to all precautionary measures prescribed to guarantee the safety of women and employees.


She mentioned that the club is getting ready to organise an open day as part of its celebrations for the 17th anniversary of Dalouk Wellness Spa on May 27, through which it will provide many consultations, free services and valuable gifts. The seats are limited by pre-registration to ensure the application of safety and preventive measures.

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