Children Discover the Beauty of Islamic Art and Culture at SLC

Children Discover the Beauty of Islamic Art and Culture at SLC

Collage Talent Center, which is a part of the Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC) – one of UAE’s leading clubs dedicated to women and children – is ensuring a holy month full of education, entertainment and spiritual awareness for the community’s youngest members, with a programme of Ramadan camps that are currently underway.

These camps have been organised to gainfully occupy school-children who have reduced school timings during Ramadan, and hence, have a lot more free time.

Collage Talent Center has always been invested in children, and aims to provide them with activities that not only nurture their talents and hobbies, but also bring them closer to their cultural and religious roots.

In keeping with this vision, they have designed the ‘Ramadan Creative’, a camp that will introduce young artists, aged 5–11 years, to Islamic Art and culture. Through these classes SLC’s objective is to not only familiarise them with the distinguishing feature of the Islamic artform’s use of calligraphy and interlacing patterns, but through it, teach them about the beliefs, culture and traditions of Islam.
All this learning has been made available by the Collage Talent Center in carefully-crafted three-hour lessons that will teach children a variety of techniques, like, drawing and painting with acrylics and pastels, clay modelling, and also arts and crafts.

Additionally, Holy Quran recitation lessons, and beginners workshops covering various art forms based on Islamic and cultural themes, are available to offer them a creative learning space where they can enhance their understanding of religious and cultural practices, and keep them alive for generations to come.

Shaikha AlSuwaidi, Collage Talent Center Manager said: “Ramadan occupies a respected status in the hearts of the UAE’s citizens and residents. In celebration of the holiest of months, Sharjah Ladies Club has organised a programme of educational, religious and recreational activities in line with our focus on community cohesiveness and celebration of culture. Our key objective with this endeavour is to instil Ramadan’s noble values in children and young people, and encourage them to find out more about their faith in an attractive yet simple manner. We also aim to expand their abilities through a range of artistic and cultural activities designed to develop creativity and enhance constructive thinking.”
The art lessons are being offered three times a day – morning, afternoon and night. The Holy Month is a great time to enrol children into these classes as SLC is offering great discounted packages of up to five classes to celebrate the spirit of the season. There are great offers to be availed for the Quran lessons as well.

Please call 065067733 for more information and visit the Instagram page @collage_slc.
Collage Talent Center is a hive of creativity and learning. A place for women and children to once again develop their knowledge and skills—advanced or undiscovered. The facility offers a variety of art classes including pottery making, jewellery making, ceramic flower arrangements, all forms of drawing, in addition to ballet, piano and language classes, Quran teaching, cooking, etiquette, website design, photography and much more.
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