Summer Splash Weekend

We’ve prepared the ultimate list of outdoor water activities on our Beach that will not only keep your children amused, but keep them cool as well!

With the hot summer days, your little ones will definitely need to splash away the heat with our exciting Summer Splash Weekend event which features water activities and challenges, game stations and the below facility participations:

- Workout sessions and games from Collage Talent Center

- Complimentary skin consultation from Dalouk Wellness Spa

- Complimentary hair consultation and 15% off on hair accessories and selected hair care products from Orchid Beauty Boutique

- Face painting, hair braiding, planting, arts and crafts, painting from Basateen Preschool Center


Date: 9th – 10th September

Time: 4 pm - 7 pm  

Ticket Price: AED 50 (Excluding Basateen activities ticket price: AED30)

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