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Sport Complex


Explore a world of sports and recreation under one roof and enjoy the ladies-only beach, ice rink, swimming pools and tennis courts, all of which are fully-equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.
Ice Skating
Sport Complex features an ice skating rink that offers its services to members and guests under the supervision of qualified and professional trainers who strive to familiarize new skaters with skating and provide professional coaching for the skilled. The facility offers multi-level skating and cardio skating classes, in addition to solo skating for individuals with a range of packages for persons and groups. The facility also hosts birthday celebrations and organizes annual skating shows. The unrivalled ice rink at Sharjah Ladies Club prides itself in being the first of its kind in the emirate of Sharjah to provide exclusive services to women.
Olympic Pool
The Olympic swimming pool at Sharjah Ladies Club offers swimming classes for all age groups starting from three months, and a range of rehabilitation programs delivered by a highly qualified team of coaches, in addition to hydrotherapy sessions, synchronized swimming, polo water and solo swimming. Additionally, the facility organizes annual swimming competitions for schools and clubs, and features an all-seated stadium. The pool has been designed to meet the international Olympic standards with a race course of 50 x 25 meters, and a depth that starts at 1.53 meters and ends at 3 meters. The temperature-controlled pool operates an in-floor cleaning system to continuously maintain sanitation and filtration. Moreover, the pool is equipped with a highly qualified rescue team to ensure the safety of all guests.
Leisure Pool and Beach
Sharjah Ladies Club has its own stretch of beach in addition to a leisure pool for those who are looking for a fun pass time, aim to become fit, or experience the thrill of dipping in water. The depth of the leisure pool starts at 1.22 meters and ends at 3 meters, and includes an indoor and an outdoor kiddie pool, all of which provide recreational and fitness services. Packages are available for members and non-members in addition to daily tickets throughout the week. Highly qualified lifeguards supervise the safety of the guests around the clock. Moreover, the facilities organize a range of entertaining events for mothers and children on a regular basis.
Two beachfront outdoor tennis courts are available at Sharjah Ladies Club with large stadiums in addition to an indoor tennis court. Sharjah Ladies Club proudly takes the lead in being the first club to introduce a women-only indoor tennis court in the emirate of Sharjah. Qualified and skilled coaches train the students and help them advance and develop their technical skills. The facility organizes periodical competitions and activities to promote the performance of the players and encourage them to become the best players they possibly can. Classes are available for groups and individuals.

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