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SLC Leadership Programme Fosters Top Quality Management Teams for the Future

SLC Leadership Programme Fosters Top Quality Management Teams for the Future

Motivation, self-confidence, emotional intelligence among key topics

Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC) has concluded its third 18-month Management Development Program (MDP), which is aimed at providing  chosen employees the skills and qualities required for outstanding professionalism and leadership. The concept of ‘succession planning’ was employed in the three consecutive training courses, which helped a gradual and organic progression among participants, creating a solid base for the next level, which will be called the Advanced Management Development Program (AMDP).

As part of the third edition of the MDP, SLC participants engaged in a variety of individual and group activities, video demonstrations and role-play, as well as group discussions. Key topics included gaining trust and respect, coaching staff, managing time and workloads, delegation, communication and conflict resolution.

ِAysha Bahyan, HR Manager at Sharjah Ladies Club, said: “Ultimately, the purpose of the Management Development Program is to ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality service possible to all of our members. An effective, efficient and conscientious management team is essential to achieving those standards.”

“The Management Development Program is an excellent way for employees to understand the challenges and solutions to management issues and to put themselves in the role of a manager in order to apply the knowledge they have gained from this course during their day-to-day tasks.” Aysha Bahyan added “It is vital that we prepare members of staff for leadership positions and this is a prime example of how we can achieve that. Through this programme, they see that leading a team is as much about the person as it is the process.”

Echoing those sentiments, the programme’s module included topics such as assertiveness and self confidence, feedback skills, emotional intelligence, motivating teams, presentation skills and teambuilding.

Lubna Al  Moalla, Sales Development Manager at the club and a graduate from MDP program said her skills were developing dramatically as the course progressed. “From the beginning, I could tell there was a direct impact on my performance, from the first sessions through to the final coaching. Some of the main principles that I felt most useful to me were time management, delegation, assertiveness and problem solving. It changed my perspective on a lot of issues and I can now evaluate situations and provide solutions much more objectively thanks to the insights I have gained.

“Implementing the skills I learned as I progressed through the program was essential. The feedback from peers as well as coaches on applying the theory formed the basis of the evaluation,” Lubna added.

Established in 1982, SLC is a subsidiary of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. SLC regularly organises events and activities that relate to society, art, health and charity, with its activities including lectures, bazaars, exhibitions, sporting events, workshops, exhibitions, marathons, seminars, and forums. Designed to be a unique leisure and learning space, SLC boasts an array of facilities and offers numerous high-end services, making it one of the best-of-its-kind clubs in the Middle East.