About the Run

Sharjah Ladies Club is hosting the 6th edition of its Sharjah Ladies Run event, themed Neon Night Run. The race will welcome the participation of hundreds of women and girls aged 15 and above. The first edition of the race won the Fitness Event of the Year award at the Fit Awards 2014, adding another success story to the clubs achievements. The race aims to encourage awareness about the importance of exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle among women of all age groups and social ranks.

A ladies only run in Sharjah. Take the challenge to compete and win cash prizes.


5 km

10 km

1st Place Winner

AED 5,000

AED 7,000

2nd Place Winner

AED 4,000

AED 6,000

3rd Place Winner

AED 3,000

AED 5,000

How can I register?

Registration is only available online through credit card payments or check, and is exclusively made through Premier Online. Registration confirmation will be displayed on the screen and will be emailed with your assigned bib number. Payments can be made with MasterCard, Visa, JCB credit card or Visa Electron. However, paying with debit cards or other credit cards will not accepted.

You can register for your friends and family who are either too young to have their own Premier Online profile or do not have access to a credit card or checkbook by adding them to your Profile Address Book.

  • A dirham from each participant’s registration fee will be donated by SLC to a charitable cause.  

Register online at:


Registration Fees


Registration Fees

Here for Fun 5 Km

AED 151

5 Km Race

AED 161

10 Km Race

AED 181

Time Activity

6:00 pm: Welcoming Participants and Briefing
6:05 pm: Charity campaign video  
6:10 pm: SLR briefing video 
6:15 pm: Warm-up
7:00 pm: Start of 10 km run
7:10 pm: Start of 5 km run
7:30 pm: Start of 5 km run – non competing individuals 
8:30 pm:  Entertainment
8:35 pm: Awarding Ceremony
9:00 pm: Sponsors awarding ceremony
9:15 pm: Stage challenges 
10:00 pm: Departure


The run will be held at Sharjah University City. The start and finish line is adjacent to Sharjah Library, near Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences.

GPS Coordinates: 25.279482, 55.465424

Participation Rules & Regulations

  1. Participants must be at least 12 years of age for the 5 km category and 15+ years of age for the 10 km category. All participants must comply with the age restrictions.
  2. Participants compete in the event on their own responsibility.
  3. Only those who have officially registered and are wearing their official racing bibs can take part in the event.
  4. Roller-skates, inline skates, bikes and wheeled contraptions of any kinds are not allowed on the course. Anyone seen with any of these will be directed off the course.
  5. Slower runners/walkers are asked to start near the end of the pack or on the right lanes to avoid being crowded or bumped.
  6. Children and pets are prohibited on the event’s grounds.
  7. Participants may not exchange bib’s numbers, offenders risk disqualification from the event.
  8. Please do not wear jewelry or carry valuable items with you during the event. Lockers are not facilitated during the event. The organizers will not be held responsible for any lost valuables.
  9. The decisions of the Event Director, Event Referee and/or Organizing Committee in all matters are final.
  10. Photography is strictly prohibited out of dedicated areas.


  1. The event is held outdoors and men’s presence may be possible.
  2. Participants  can be accompanied to the event by individuals with a fee of AED 100 and minimum age of 15.
  3. The run will be monitored by Sharjah Police to ensure the safety of the participants. Ambulance vehicles will be available for emergencies.
  4. Food and beverages are available for set fees in the run venue.
  5. Download your participation certificate after the run by visiting www.premieronline.com.
  6. Water stations will be located every 2.5 km. Medical stations will be positioned at the start and finish points, and toilet facilities will be located at the start line only.
  7. Car parking is available opposite to Sharjah Library at Sharjah University City.