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Sharjah Ladies Club Teaches Toddlers Lessons in Kindness and Creativity

Sharjah Ladies Club Teaches Toddlers Lessons in Kindness and Creativity

Basateen After-School Enrichment brings out the best in fun-filled activities

As part of its ongoing efforts to encourage young children to advance and develop a range of social and creative abilities and enhance confidence and creativity, the Basateen PreSchool Centre at Sharjah Ladies Club, will be holding a series of fun-filled ‘edutainment’ after-school activities.

Working under the slogan: ‘Play. Learn. Grow Together.’, the programme will provide the children, aged between 2-5 years old, the opportunity to explore four different themes in May and June, based around science, the environment and charity.

The first theme in May is entitled ‘Under the Sea’, where the young adventurers will go crab walking, counting fish, and learn how to make ocean life milkshakes and create their own jelly fish. They will learn pre-writing skills from their very own ocean life stencils.

In the second experience, ‘Little Acts of Kindness’, the youngsters will build their own kindness tree, develop the confidence to say ‘good morning’ to a person standing next to them in an elevator and offer to help with groceries for the family. They will also learn to turn off water while brushing their teeth and make flowers for their friends.

Rifat Khan, Child Development Consultant at Basateen Preschool Center at SLC, said the activities were an excellent reflection of Basateen’s vision. “There is nothing more important than a child’s development and progress to help them succeed in their goals and fulfil their dreams.

‘We are committed to providing them with a safe and happy environment which both encourages them and challenges them, instilling a sense of confidence and self-reliance.”

In June, the children continue their theme of generosity, beginning with ‘Do-Good Week – Learning about Charity and Gratitude’. In the ‘Garden of Giving’, children will embed a row of plants for the hungry and a book drive will be initiated to donate the children’s favourite books to a local charity. They will take etiquette classes on ‘being good’ and take group art projects on gratitude and how to perform errands for the elderly. They will also work on recycling design projects, pick up litter from the nursery’s garden, read stories of thankful alphabets and create greeting cards for someone in need.

In the second of June’s activities, ‘Magic of Rainbow Colours’, the children will create their own multi-coloured collage and explore the world of science.

Basateen is committed to promoting and extending the learning and development of each child attending the centre, through providing quality early childhood care and education. It aspires to develop and implement a curriculum that caters to their physical, intellectual, social, emotional and cultural needs throughout their diverse developmental stages.

The centre aims to deliver a preschool service of the highest standards in the UAE, provide top-quality services to the children of members and non-members, and create an environment where children, parents, and teachers can work hand in hand to promote the all-round development of each child. The centre facilitates a healthy and safe environment for children to grow and flourish, and establishes a preschool curriculum that is reflective of the multicultural environment.