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Sharjah Ladies Club: Bringing the Best in Sports and Recreation under One Roof

Sharjah Ladies Club: Bringing the Best in Sports and Recreation under One Roof
  • The first of its kind ice skating rink in Sharjah to provide exclusive services to women
  • A ladies-only beach with highly qualified lifeguards available around the clock
  • Indoor pools; both Olympic-size and leisure
  • Two beachfront outdoor tennis courts


Women’s participation in sports has always occupied an important place in the UAE society – be it for the many proven benefits women derive from leading an active life, for taking up sports and athletes as a career, or as a means to advance gender equality and empowering women and girls.


In Sharjah, the Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC)’s Sports Complex is at the heart of the emirate’s ideals of promoting sports, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle among women, girls and children. It is a premier institution fully-equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, and offers all women in the community a safe haven where they can be themselves as they test their potential in a variety of sports, build their capabilities, develop their hobbies and enjoy unhindered physical relaxation and recreation within the Club’s ultramodern premises.


Over the past few years, SLC has established itself as one of the most sought after destinations for women in Sharjah and the UAE. An exceptional indoor ice skating rink entertaining and teaching skaters of all abilities around the year, stunning beachfront tennis courts, an Olympic-size indoor pool, a ladies-only beach, a world-class gym with the best equipment and personal trainers, and more, one never runs out of options to be active, enjoy and relax at the SLC Sports Complex.


Nouria Mohammed, Club Registration and Sports Complex Manager at SLC, said: “The Club’s sports complex features premium facilities and services that delight every woman and encourage her to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which reflects positively on her family and social life, inspires innovative thinking, and helps her become active on personal, professional and social levels.


“The Club offers modern sports facilities that reflect the highest international standards. As part of our efforts to support women and offer an exclusive avenue to practice a healthy lifestyle, we plan to build sports teams under the supervision of professional trainers who will prepare aspiring young women to appear on local and international sporting platforms.”


The sports complex hosts about 16,600 members yearly. Around 2,000 members sign up to the Olympic-size and leisure pools, while the ice skating rinks and tennis courts receive 14,000 and 600 members respectively. Members and guests have access to the following facilities ate the SLC Sports Complex.


Olympic Size Swimming Pool

The Olympic size swimming pool at SLC offers swimming classes for all age groups and abilities. These are delivered by a qualified coaching team. In addition, hydrotherapy sessions, synchronized swimming, solo swimming and rehabilitation are also offered. The facility organises annual swimming competitions for schools and clubs.


The indoor pool is of Olympic Standard, measuring 
50×25 meters in size. The pool’s  depth ranges from 1.75 to 3 meters. The temperature-controlled pool operates an in-floor cleaning system to continuously maintain sanitation and filtration. It is equipped with a highly qualified rescue team to ensure safety for all guests.




Ice Skating Rink

An unrivalled ice rink at the heart of the complex offers members and guests great adventures on ice under the supervision of professional trainers who strive to familiarise new skaters with skating techniques and are also equipped to offer professional coaching to the skilled. The facility has an option for both individual and group classes, and offers a range of packages to customise lessons according to the learning requirements of people. The rink can be transformed into a magical venue for birthday celebrations,  and also hosts annual skating shows. The ice rink at Sharjah Ladies Club prides itself in being the first-of-its-kind in Sharjah offering exclusive access to women and children.


Leisure Pool and Private Beach

SLC members can enjoy their own private stretch of beach in addition to an indoor leisure pool, 1.22-3 meters deep. The leisure pools include indoor and an outdoor kiddie pools, all of which provide recreational and fitness services. Packages are available for members and non-members. Highly qualified lifeguards are on  the watch round the clock, ensuring the comfort and safety of their guests, especially the younger ones. The facilities also host a diverse array of unique leisure and entertainment events for mothers and children on a regular basis.


Beachfront Tennis Courts

Two outdoor tennis courts against a picturesque ocean backdrop are shining jewels of the SLC sports complex. Qualified and skilled tennis coaches train students and help them advance their abilities in this skill-heavy sport.


Established in 1982, SLC is a subsidiary of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and is dedicated to facilitating leisure, cultural and educational activities for women and children. The club organises an array of events that relate to society, art, health and charity with its activities including bazaars, exhibitions, sporting events and seminars.


Sharjah Ladies Club is a perfect ladies-only destination for premium entertainment facilities and services in the UAE. It boasts a wide range of world-class facilities and offers numerous high-end services and amenities, making it one of the best-of-its-kind facilities in the Middle East.