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Sharjah Ladies Club Announces its Mushmis Summer Programme for Children

Sharjah Ladies Club Announces its Mushmis Summer Programme for Children

Camps will offer kids of all ages an array of artistic, entertainment and educational activities

Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC) has announced its ‘Mushmis summer Camp’ programme for children, with the popular leisure and education centre offering an array of educational and entertainment camps for little ones. Starting July 2, SLC’s summer camps have a focus on physical exercise, creativity and innovation, with their aim being to develop children’s skills, enhance their development and keep their minds active throughout the long school break.     

Taking place at SLC’s Sports Complex and running every morning until August 31, SLC’s Active Mushmis Camp emphasises exercise and movement. Open to boys aged 5-9 years and girls aged 5-13 years, the camp offersfun water splashing, swimming. Youngsters who prefer more sedate activities won’t be left out, however, as they can make the most of creative workshops, cooking, pottery and origami, with exclusive activities for girls including embroidery and henna design. A number of weekly trips to places of interest will also take place over the eight-and-a-half weeks of the camp.

Girls who wish to explore and enhance their creative side during the summer can participate in the Creative Mushmis Camp, which takes place at SLC’s Collage Talent Centre. Open to girls aged 6-12 years, the activities on offer include drawing, painting with pastels, painting with acrylics, arts and crafts, crown making, pottery, clay modelling, decorative crafts, sewing, cooking and more . Weekly trips to outside venues will also take place throughout the programme.

The very youngest members of the family will be catered for at two SLC camps over the summer; the Neverland Mushmis Camp and the Little Mushmis Camp, both open to children aged 3-5 years. Taking place at the Basateen Preschool Centre and Tiny Talent Program at Collage Talent Center> The activities on offer at the Neverland Mushmis Camp include art classes, puppet shows, life skills learning, face painting, early numeracy games, creative story-telling, fun science experiments and messy play. Running until August 24, the programme will also host a splash day at the beach. Kids participating at the Little Mushmis Camp, which takes place at the Collage Talent Centre up until August 31, can avail an array of eclectic activities, including gymnastics, paper crafts, decoration arts, fun with paints, little chef competitions, movies, jewellery design, stencils, field trips, sand castle building, colouring and storytelling.

In addition to its four main camps, SLC is offering a number of shorter courses from three days to five-and-a-half weeks’ duration designed to nurture and develop youngsters’ creative, financial and innovative skills. These include the Young Entrepreneurship Camp, the Art Express Programme and the Money Management Club for Kids. A Chocolate Camp will host evening sessions for adults in addition to its day sessions for children, while a Special Education Needs Camp will cater for youngsters living with challenges.

“Sharjah Ladies Club is excited to announce this year’s Mushmis Summer Programme for children, with each of its camps’ schedules having been formulated by child experts and learning specialists. The array of activities on offer will stimulate children’s creative abilities, hone their talents, teach them new skills and keep them gainfully occupied during the long summer vacation. Parents can opt to enroll their children for the full programmes or for just one or more days. They can fit their little ones’ attendance in with their plans for the summer months, making the programme an extremely flexible summer activity,” said Alya Al Harmmoudi, Head of business Management at SLC.

Established in 1982, SLC is a subsidiary of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and is dedicated to facilitating leisure and educational activities for women and children. The club organises an array of events that relate to society, art, health and charity, with its activities including bazaars, exhibitions, sporting events, entrepreneurship workshops and professional development seminars.

For registration at SLC’s Mushmis Summer Programme, parents can call: 06 506 /7701 or visit to find out more information about the activities taking place.