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Back to Fitness

Going back to exercise after a vacation can be difficult, but we can make it easier with our platinum membership offer! Now for AED 3600 instead of AED 4265 for 12 months plus 2 free extra months!

A Special something for Saudis

To all our Saudi women, you can now get 20% off all our services on 23rd September in celebration of Saudi National Day!


Healthy Eating Habits for Children

1. Establish regular meal and snack timings that
    work for the whole family to share mealtimes
    with your children, and show them the
    importance of enjoying mealtime as a family.

2. Be a role model to your children by eating
    healthy foods.

3. Cook all meals at home and allow your children
    to help in food preparation and meal planning.

4. Try new foods and serve them with foods that
    your child already likes.

5. Teach your children to listen to their tummy, to eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full.

6. Allow children to be involved in shopping for groceries, and teach them about different foods, healthy
    eating choices and how to read food labels.

7. Prepare breakfast as a daily routine for children to keep them active and concentrate at school.

8. Provide nutritious snacks to your children.

9. Avoid foods that affect your child’s mood (such as processed/fast foods, or soda which may increase the
    risk of anxiety and depression in kids)

10. Think about and find child-friendly junk food alternatives (e.g. fried -> baked, ice Cream -> smoothie/
    frozen fruits, doughnuts -> baked muffins or cake...etc.)

11. Include healthy fats in your children’s diet (e.g: olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, Omega-3 fatty acids,
    found in fatty fish, flaxseed, and walnuts)

12. Encourage your children to drink water with each meal and provide them with a bottle of water to take it
    whenever they go out.

New Beach Menu

Enjoy the sunrays at our beach with a refreshing selection from our new beach menu including acai coconut bowls, banana sushi and more.

Early Bird Monday

After dropping your children at school, you can join us for early bird Monday at Lafeef to get unlimited coffee with one coffee purchase per person. T&Cs apply

New Fitness Cafe Drinks

Try our new healthy smoothies and fresh juices from Fitness Cafe as you enjoy a relaxing session at Dalouk Wellness Spa.


Pick your guilt free bowl of deliciousness from a variety of beneficial smoothies from Collage Cafe!

Bowls: Roseberry, P.B. Salted Caramel, Mint Choco Chip, Oreo Twist (the guilty bowl)

• High in protein
• Gluten free
• 100% natural ingredients
• Dairy free

+971 6 506 7731

Memorable Moments

Spend a memorable time with your friends at Collage Cafe by joining us for afternoon tea, a breakfast table, or reserving a customized lunch or dinner buffet.

Collage TUK TUK

Collage Tuk Tuk has arrived at our beach terrace! Relief the summer heat with our variety of soft serve ice cream!


Skate your Heart out

Ice skating is not only fun, but helps in building and toning leg muscles, improves balance and joint flexibility. You can now enjoy the below benefits:

• 10 ice skating classes with a coach for AED 715
   instead of AED 780.

• 15% discount at Skate Café on skate rink
   daily pass.

+971 6 506 7822

Summer Splash

What is more refreshing than swimming in this summer heat? Check out our below benefits!

• 50% discount on daily pass ticket for leisure pool,
   beach and ice skating ticket

+971 6 506 7782

• Unlimited cabana usage for AED 75 only

+971 6 506 7782

• 20% discount on the 3 months Olympic
   pool membership

+971 6 506 7783

Kunooz Events and Catering

The Most Joyous of Moments

Celebrate with your loved ones on any occasion and enjoy the below benefits:

• Outside catering
• Kunooz menu starting from AED 85 per person
• 15% discount on individual services in Orchid
   Beauty Boutique
• 20% off on bridal hair and makeup

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