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Basateen Preschool Center

Let’s Welcome Ramadan!

At Basateen Preschool Center, we make sure our children understand the religious and traditional values of the holy month of Ramadan. We encourage them to do good deeds and help instill kindness into their behavior. Through our Ramadan program, we will emphasize the importance of fasting, read the Quran with them, set-up for praying and donate to help others in need.

Basateen Tips – The Importance of Exercise for Children

Children’s healthy growth take a priority at parents' life because children who are physically fit during their early years are the most healthy, positive and energetic ones. Exercise for children isn’t the same as it is for adults, for them, exercise occurs during playing or being physically active during their gym class at school, running in the garden, dance class or playing football or basketball, while riding bikes, and more. Parents and caregivers play an essential role to motivate children to do a variety of physical activities, in order to help them to form good habits, and have an active and healthy lifestyle, where they can develop healthily, and happier, limit screens time, having better sleep, and a better handling of physical and emotional challenges such as running fast, adjust their speeds and directions, studying and concentration. In addition, to improve their strengths, have stronger muscles and bones, less risk of becoming overweight, lower chance of getting type 2 diabetes, and other diseases.

Kunooz Events and Catering

Ramadan Gatherings

Get a 15% discount on outside catering for iftar and suhoor to enjoy the utmost quality of service and delicious food with your loved ones.

Club Membership

1 Destination, 15 Gateways

Get all your pampering, fitness and relaxation needs with our 30% off our 1 month or 3 months club membership – Valid from 1st May till 31st August

+971 6 506 7701 |

Sports Complex

Skate with us!

Ice skating is not only fun, but helps in building and toning leg muscles, improves balance and joint flexibility. Enjoy a 50% discount throughout the month of May on daily ice skating tickets or get a 15% discount on ice skating classes.

+971 6 506 7822 |

Daily Relaxation

Our 50% discount on the beach and pool is back till the end of May! The golden sun-rays and warm water are waiting for you.

Fees: AED 50 on the beach and pool access during the week, AED 100 on the weekend

+971 6 506 7782 |

Swimming is the Best!

Swimming is a great exercise to strengthen muscles, build endurance, maintain a healthy heart and lungs. Shape your body and improve your swimming skills with the below offers:

Olympic pool membership:

• 1 month for AED 450 instead of AED 650
• Get 1 month free when registering for 3 months
• Get 8 free hours when registering in swimming classes package

+971 6 506 7740/ +971 6 506 7783 |

Food and Beverage

Ramadan Box

Be fully prepared for the holy month with our customizable Ramadan box from Lafeef which includes the following items:

• Frozen items such as samosa, spring rolls and kibbeh
• Mezza and salads such as vine leaves, mutabbal and fatoush

Orders must be made 2 days ahead.

+971 6 506 7844 |

F&B Loyalty Card

At SLC, loyalty is returned! Stamp your card each time you spend AED 60 and above. Get 8 stamps and enjoy a free buffet in Lafeef or a free dish from Collage and Skate Café menu.

Iftar and Suhoor with us

Break your fast with your loved ones with our daily Iftar or Suhoor at Lafeef Restaurant or Collage Café.

Fitness 1800 Center

Ramadan Fitness

Reach your fitness goals this Ramadan with our below offers:

• Platinum membership 3500 AED instead of AED 4265 – Includes personal training sessions, aerobic classes, free body assessments and much more.

• Unlimited classes and gym usage during the whole month of Ramadan for AED 500 - Valid till 10th May

• EMS session now for AED 99 instead of
AED 290 – Valid for the whole month of Ramadan

Tips for Better Fitness

• Get the best out of your workout by finding yourself a workout buddy who will help you stay encouraged and motivated. It is important that your friend will exercise with you on a regular basis, be supportive and push you to the limits.

• Relieve post-workout muscle soreness by submerging your body in a cold bath with ice for 10 to 15 minutes.

Fitness Café

Replenish your fluids after a day of fasting with a selection of hydrating and vitamin packed smoothies and juices. Get a free smoothie after purchasing 10 smoothies!

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