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Club Membership

1 Destination, 15 Gateways

Get all your pampering, fitness and relaxation needs with our 30% off our 1 month or 3 months club membership including free access and unlimited usage to specific facilities such as leisure pool and ice skating rink – Valid till 31st August

+971 6 506 7701 |

Food and Beverage

F&B Loyalty Card

Stamp your card each time you spend AED 60 and above at our restaurants and cafes. Get 8 stamps and enjoy a free buffet in Lafeef or a free dish from Collage and Skate Café menu.

+971 6 506 7844 |

International Sushi Day

Since International Sushi Day is coming up on the June 18th, we will have a special corner for all sushi lovers at Lafeef lunch buffet on June 20th! Bring your friends and enjoy authentic Japanese flavors.

Fitness 1800 Center

Slim your way to Summer

Get your body summer ready with our fitness promotion! Now our 3 months silver membership is AED 1100 instead of AED 1455.

+971 6 506 7868 |

Sports Complex

Skate with us!

Ice skating is not only fun, but helps in building and toning leg muscles, improves balance and joint flexibility. Enjoy the below benefits during the month of June:

• 50% discount on 10 hours package
• 8 hours of free usage upon registering in
   ice skating classes package
• 50% discount every Thursday on
  daily pass tickets

+971 6 506 7822 |

Swimming is the Best!

Swimming is a great exercise to strengthen muscles, build endurance, maintain a healthy heart and lungs. Shape your body and improve your swimming skills with the below offers:

Leisure Pool:

• Get 5 extra free hours when registering
  for 20 hours package


• Get 10 extra free hours when registering
  for 30 hours package

+971 6 506 7782

Olympic Pool:

• Register 1 month Olympic pool membership and
  enjoy 2 daily passes to the beach and pool

• Register in 3 months Olympic pool membership
  and enjoy 2 daily passes for beach and pool
  and 3 free hours on ice skating

+971 6 506 7783 or +971 6 506 7740

Daily Relaxation

Enjoy the sunrays with a 50% discount on the below:

• Daily pass ticket every Tuesday and Thursday
  (adult ticket)
• Paddle or kayak board rental

+971 6 506 7781 or +971 6 506 7782

Basateen Preschool Center

Tips for Correcting Undesirable Behavior - Discipline Talk

How to talk to your child and manage his behavior using the below tips:

• Allow connection before you direct: squat to the
  eye level of your child, engage eye-to-eye contact
  to get his attention.
• Address your child: mention his name "Hamad,
  will you please ...."
• Keep brief and use one sentence rule the longer
  you talk, it gives the child feeling that you are not
  quite sure about what you want to say.
• Stay Simple and use short sentences with
  one-syllable words.
• Ask your children to repeat your request to you,
  if he cannot that's mean it is too long and
  complicated to him.
• Make an offer or a reason for your request
  "Saeed, get dressed please, so you can go
  outside and play"
• Be positive when you talk to your child instead
  of saying “don't run”, use we run in the garden,
  and we walk inside the classroom"
• Always begin with directives, instead of saying
  “sit down”, say, "I want you to sit down".
• Use "WHEN...THEN", e.g. "when you finish your
  homework, then you can go and play."
• Allow choices and make your child decide
• Consider the child’s level of understanding and
  speak developmentally correctly - instead of asking
  your child “why did you do that?” say
  “Let’s talk about what you did
• Speak to your child the way you want him to
  speak with you and others, even two years
  old can learn “please” “thank you”
• Notify your child in advance “we have 5 minutes
  more to leave, please be ready and finish
  playing your game”
• Close the discussion when the matter really
  closed to discussion. Say “Sorry, I am not
  changing my mind about this”

Mushmis Summer Camp

Endless joy and unforgettable moments await your children at our following summer camps:

• Spectacular summer camp
• Art unlimited camp
• Little mushmis camp
• Active mushmis camp
• Youth camp

Date: 7th July – 29th August
Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Ages: 3 – 16 years

+971 6 506 7701

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