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Club Membership

1 Destination, 15 Gateways

Get all your pampering, fitness and relaxation needs with our 30% off our 1 month or 3 months club membership – Valid from 1st May till 31st August

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New Membership Benefits!

Don’t miss out on our revamped annual, 6 months or weekend memberships! More added benefits and greater fun is waiting for you including an added selected group of Aerobic classes!

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Fitness 1800 Center

Summer Body Ready

Take your chance and reach your fitness goals with the following offers:

• 2 months fitness membership with unlimited
  aerobic classes for AED 999
• 30% discount on all fitness services
   for students and teachers

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Basateen Preschool Center

Overprotected Children

Overprotection does more harm for our children than to them. Parents always look for the best for their children and are mainly concerned about their safety. However, it is really important to have faith in children's ability to cope with age-appropriate challenges, and prevent being overprotective parents who are constantly monitoring children and taking control of their life.

The common signs of overprotective parents and overprotected children:

• Keeping children under tight control which
  causes lower self confidence and self-esteem,
  and unwillingness to take up any responsibility
• Children growing up to be dependent,
  which makes them unable to think independently
  or make decisions by their own
• Feeling fearful that something unpleasant could
  happen to their children, and transfer these fears
  to them, which make them unable to face
  any challenges

There is always a fine line that differentiates protection from overprotection; parents need to know that there will be no harm to allow their children to learn from their mistakes and face challenges they meet in their life, and that overprotection affects children as they grow up and doesn't allow them to develop into a mature, responsible and resourceful person.

Basateen Kids Club

Basateen Kids Club is the perfect play zone destination to inspire young minds, where they have fun and new experiences through varied activities, that allow them to realize their individual potential, meet new challenges and make achievements, led by a dedicated team which strives to keep your child happy, healthy and active.

Ages: 2 - 5 years
Days: Sundays - Thursdays
Time: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

AED 80 per hour
AED250 per day
AED2000 per month

*Prices exclude VAT
*Enroll your child and get free 15 Hours at
 Basateen Play Town during July 2019
*Terms and conditions Apply

+971 6 506 7717 |

Food and Beverage

F&B Loyalty Card

At SLC, loyalty is returned! Stamp your card each time you spend AED 60 and above. Get 8 stamps and enjoy a free buffet in Lafeef or a free dish from Collage and Skate Café menu.

World Chocolate Day

Celebrate World Chocolate Day our way on July 7th where we will have chocolate surprises including complementary handmade chocolate especially for you! Choose from a special variety of chocolate cakes in Lafeef Restaurant, Collage Cafe and Skate Cafe.

Friendship Day

Treat your friend to the below special offers to celebrate Friendship Day on July 30th:

• Lafeef breakfast buffet with a friend,
  buy 1 get 1 free. Valid till July 30th
• Buy 2 full cakes from Collage Cafe
  for AED 150, one for you and one for
  a friend! Valid from July 28th - Aug 3rd

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Sports Complex

Skate with Joy!

Skate with your friends for half the price! Ice skating is a fun and beneficial activity which helps in building and toning leg muscles, improves balance and joint flexibility. Get these benefits with the following offers:

• Get 10 free hours when buying the ice
  skating hourly package
• Buy 1 ticket for ice skating and get
  50% discount on the second hour

+971 6 506 7822 |

Cool Down with a Dip!

It’s your chance to cool down during summer with our special discounts on the below:

• Get 1 free ticket for the beach and leisure
  pool when buying 3 leisure pool and beach
  adult tickets
• 5 free passes to leisure pool and 5 free
  passes to the beach when registering
  for 2 months Olympic pool membership
• Buy 1 drink and get 1 free daily
  from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm in Lafeef
  Restaurant, Collage Cafe and Skate Cafe
  throughout the month of July
• Get 10% discount on any sport item
  during weekends when you buy Olympic
  pool daily pass ticket
• 1 extra free hour when renting the kayak
• 1 extra free hour when renting beach cabana

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Happy Thursday

The beginning of a weekend is more fun with us! Let your child enjoy the following activities every Thursday:

• Building sand castles
• Face painting
• tattoo and more exciting activities

And more!

+971 6 506 7740 |

Organic Tan and Glow

Enhance your skin’s beauty with our natural tanning products available on our beach! Mix coconut oil, carrot seed essential oil and avocado oil with carrot juice, black tea or coffee grounds for a different bronzing shade!

Mushmis Summer Camp

Endless joy and unforgettable moments await your children at our following summer camps:

• Spectacular summer camp
• Art unlimited camp
• Little mushmis camp
• Active mushmis camp
• Youth camp

Date: 7th July – 29th August
Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Ages: 3 – 16 years

+971 6 506 7701

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