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The All New Fitness 180!

The area where you perform your exercises has an effect on the intensity of the workout, that’s why we introduce to you a new functional zone, including the best and most recent equipment to lift, pull, jump and push with.

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Basateen Preschool Centre

A New Play Town Area for the Little Ones!

Entertainment, interaction and learning all in one spot! Your child will refuse to go back home after visiting our new play town area which includes a variety of amusing activities.

Book a spot for your child now!

Drop ‘n Indulge

Don’t miss your next friends gathering as your child will be in the safest hands with us! Drop your child at Basateen Preschool Center for a one on one babysitting service for the ages of 15 months - 6 years.

Parent’s Orientation Day

Join us on Sunday, 10 September 2017 for an exciting day to roam around our Preschool, getting to know the different classrooms, activities and learning styles that will be offered to your children during the time they will be spending with us.

Tips to Dress your Child Faster!

• Label the drawers and baskets with the days of
  the week.
• Give choices to your child to select and place
  each item of clothing for each day.
• You will never run late just because your child
  didn’t wear their favorite T-shirt on a Sunday

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Club Membership

Our Special September Offer

Register for 1 year or 6 months and choose your gift which includes 3 months or 2 kids for free.

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