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Dalouk Spa

Dalouk Spa


Dalouk Spa takes a holistic approach that encompasses deluxe spa treatments and features an extensive range of spa products for skin and body. Professional therapists, high-end equipment, top-of-the-line products, and the hospitable atmosphere combine together to make the entire spa experience a luxurious one, with special attention to warm hospitality. Dalouk includes a warm thalassotherapy pool which delivers the Greek concepts of “sea” and “cure”. Since ancient times, the mineral-enriched seawater has been renowned for its therapeutic and curative virtues. The pool operates filtering systems that deliver fresh water directly from the sea. Dalouk also offers free consultations to clients to address their personal wishes and customize services for their specific needs.

Dalouk Spa is also the proud winner of the following awards:

  • Winner of the best thalassotherapy pool in the Middle East Pool & Spa Awards 2015.
  • Winner of the “Luxury Spa and Wellness Center of the UAE 2015” award, the Middle East Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015
  • Second runner-up in “The Best Independent Spa Award” category, Middle East Spa Awards 2012
  • Third runner-up in “The Best Signature Body Treatment Award” category, Middle East Spa Awards 2012
  • Winner of “The Best Independent Spa Award”, Middle East Spa Awards 2011
  • Winner of “The Best Signature Body Treatment Award”, Middle East Spa Awards 2011