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Dalouk Wellness Spa

Glowing Skin during Ramadan

Intensify the glow of your skin during the holy month by following the below tips:

• Try to get 7 - 8 hours of sleep every night
• Always remove your makeup before sleeping
• Try the lymphatic drainage face massage (helps remove toxins) for a healthy skin
• It’s important to use sunscreen even in winter or cloudy days
• Invest in great skincare products
• Make regular facial appointment

Holistic Chromo Therapy Treatment

Knowing that negative emotions are the starting point of a positive transformation, each of the Five Altearah colour choices offers a different aromatic synergy containing intelligent active ingredients, organic essential oils, plant extracts and floral waters to create a transformation. The treatment opens the possibility of joy and serenity which can radiate through the body, illuminate the face and bring back beauty and glow. Visible results right after the first treatment.

Face Workouts Treatment

This is the latest in non-surgical face lifting and anti-ageing technique. We recommend this treatment for those wishing to repair and prevent the signs of ageing in a safe gradual manner with no downtime.

Treatment benefits:

• Increasing Hyaluronic Acid for volume and skin hydration
• Increasing the Natural Collagen & Elastin for strength and firmness
• Drains Toxins
• Reduces puffiness and dark circles
• Improve skin brightness/radiance activation

And more!

Orchid Beauty Boutique

Ramadan Beauty Package

This holy month of Ramadan we offer you a beauty package to nourish your hair and skin. We will treat your hair gently using the best nourishing ingredients and pamper your hands & feet with the Cleopatra Hand & Feet Ritual which uses 100% traditional Moroccan famous ingredients of argan oil, shea butter and aromatic mandarin that is gently massaged into your skin giving an immediate nourishing. The treatment is accompanied with a manicure and pedicure session.

Get 20% discount on an array of services this month of Ramadan until May 20th.

Long Lasting Manicure!

Say hello to Eid with the Kismet Nail Dip which is a longer lasting alternative to traditional gel nail polish & acrylic nails. It is perfect for sensitive nails, lasts longer up to 4 weeks leaving your nails stronger. Either a single color, an Ombré or just a perfect French tip will make your nails up to trend this season!

Book your service now with your favorite nail specialist.

Dalouk Wellness Spa
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Orchid Beauty Boutique
Sharjah, UAE
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