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Dalouk Wellness Spa

Sleep is the Ultimate Mind
and Body Healer

If you suffer from getting the perfect night’s sleep, then our Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment is created to deeply relax the body and mind. In fact, applying Neom Intensive Skin Treatment candle oil on key stress relieving points on the head, face, neck and back, using the very best techniques of shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage will help you in getting a deep night’s sleep.

Your Solution to Pure Skin

PCA Skin corrective peels deliver results without harming your skin.They are an effective, painless and quick way to rejuvenate your skin, and have been shown to be an excellent, non-invasive way to help correct an abundance of skin concerns, including blemishes, aging, sun damage and more.

Orchid Beauty Boutique

Beauty Services at your
Home’s Comfort

You don’t need to worry about the scorching heat and spending valuable time in traffic jams to get your anticipated beauty service. Orchid Beauty Boutique offers you a full range of personalized treatments designed according to your needs. Call our team and ask for your desired service!

Goodbye to Daily Hair Struggles

Being tardy can be an issue when you spend most of your time fixing your hair before going out. We introduce to you the innovative one step, hassle free, straightening shampoo. In just twenty minutes, your hair becomes more manageable, lustrous, and frizz-free.

A Cooling Manicure &
Pedicure Experience

This super-hydrating hand & feet treatment refreshes, brightens and leaves skin looking soft, glowing and youthful. See and feel the difference immediately!

Enjoy a complimentary nail art stamp design to look cool when you book this treatment! Book now & enjoy this cooling treatment for only AED 199!

Dalouk Wellness Spa
Sharjah, UAE
+9716 5067 883/880

Orchid Beauty Boutique
Sharjah, UAE
+9716 5067 878/879

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